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Classic Portals | Pathminder | Access Control

Supplier: PathMinder PTY LTD

Classic portals are loaded with multiple features to ensure higher levels of security.


These classic portals helps to prevent unapproved access to the organization and prevents piggybacking and tailgating. Pathminder offers three different classic portals – E1 security portal, E3 security portal and E4 security portal.


  • E1 security portal can be customizable and hence could be used in places where there is space constraints.
  • E3 security portal is conceived for places with more space where people flow is more. This security portal is the right fit for wheel chair access.
  • E4 security portal is a double entry portal which caters to higher traffic locations


  • E1 portal adopts elegant artistic design that enables the portal to fuse well with the line of the building.
  • It also comes with an innate interlocking system which guarantees that only authorised employees can gain access to the location.
  • E3 portal allows only a single person to move at a time which guarantees higher levels of security.
  • For less secure areas which demands better output, the APD system can be turned off to boost the transit capacity and enables nearly 4-5 people to transit at a time.
  • E4 portal automatically prevents the opening of outer and inner doors concurrently.


  • E1 classic portal is available in 995*995 millimetres footprint,where P1A model weighs 400kg, P4A model weighs 470 kg and P6B & BR3 weighs 650 kg.
  • Transits in E1 port can be made in two ways –either straight or at 90°
  • E3 security portal features 860 millimetres wide entrance, where P1A model weighs 880kg, P4A model weighs 930 kg and P6B & BR3 weighs 1120 kg.
  • E4 security portal assists in flexible exit and entry flow and helps to save 240 millimetres. P1A model weighs 740kg, P4A model weighs 780 kg and P6B & BR3 weighs 1050 kg.
  • All the classic portals are P1A Burglary resistant and features 11mm toughed safety glass. They also comes with an Infrared sensor and anti-slipping floor to avert injury.
  • They also come with a battery backup which ensures that the access control works flawlessly even when there is power failure.


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