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Cleaning and purifying fracking water on location

Supplier: Absolute Filters
05 December, 2014

Water used in the fracking process becomes contaminated and must be disposed of properly.

Absolute Filters offers a eco-friendly fracking system using our very own AF-SWPS solution to purify water on location called Specialilsed Water Purification System (SWPS®) 

The SWPS is a specialised water purification system that utilises ozone gas, a highly activated form of oxygen, as a powerful oxidising agent to reduce the concentration of various undesirable chemical impurities in water for its re-use or safe disposal.
The SWPS is a system that creates a high-level, ozone gas reaction in the water and can be used in many applications where bacterial growth is a problem and must be eliminated.
The system is highly efficient in oxidising a variety of inorganics, organics, metals and chemicals.  With ozone in solution, it is highly effective in oxidation and removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and turbidity.
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are small organic compounds often containing chlorine, that is known to cause certain derivative forms of cancer including leukemia
VOC’s are mostly prevalent in agricultural and industrial areas due to agricultural runoff, industrial waste, leaking gasoline storage tanks, seepage from toxic waste dumps, and chemical spills.
This System is comprised of:
  • SWPS® System
  • CuAg Oxidising System (Peroxide) Model AS405
  • Control Panel
  • Absolute Filters Automatic Strainers
  • Coarse filtration
  • Fine filtration
  • Absolute Filters Simplex Strainer (used for by-pass)
Typical Application for Ozone Purification System:
  • Drinking Water Treatment 
  • Fracking Water
  • Wastewater Treatment 
  • Ultra-pure and De-ionised Water Systems 
  • Air Treatment 
  • Fish Hatcheries-Aquaculture 
  • Industrial Applications 
  • Pulp and Paper (bleaching, wastewater disinfection) 
  • Odor Removal
For more information on our Ozone Water Purification System please call or use the IndustrySearch email for a direct reply back.