Client testimonial: Kattle Gear Australia

Supplier: Bi-tron Lubrication By: Nicholas Vowles, Manufacturing Manager, Kattle Gear Australia
11 February, 2010

Here at Kattle Gear Australia, we run a metal manufacturing business with approximately 20 employees, and a large range of equipment.

We previously used around four different products that the Bitron Penetrating Lubricant has replaced with much improved results.

  • Tapping, as a tapping lubricant the finish of the threads is much cleaner and requires less force when tapping by hand and we have increased the life of our taps from around 100-150 cut threads to 450-500 threads. At around $80 for a high quality M20 HSS tap equates to a significant saving.
  • On site drilling large holes through plate up to 25mm thick used to present us with a huge problem as there are no sharpening facilities to touch the drill bit up when it gets dull. Previously we would be lucky to get three 20mm diameter holes through 25mm plate before the drill bit would be over heated and extremely dull. We can now easily drill 20+ holes and the drill bit is still in good shape and cool enough to handle with bare hands. Note: the correct speed of the drill bit must still be used.
  • Seized bolts. When we have a severely seized bolt we used to use a freeze and release product with not very good results. An example of our success was a large allen head bolt on a front end loader bucket. We had tried the freeze and release product as well as shocking with a hammer and even the six foot bar extension off the allen key. We simply heated the bolt only slightly (still just cool enough to touch) and applied Bitron Penetrating Lubricant then left it for 10 minutes. The bolt came out without an extension on the allen key: I was shocked!

We also use the Bitron Penetrating Lubricant as a chain lubricant and forklift tine slide lubricant. Our lubricating schedule has been able to be extended from weekly to monthly as these components do not get fouled up with dirt and steel grit as before. Moving the tines on the forklift requires much less force than when using any other product.

Bitron Penetrating lubricant has increased our productivity and saves us time and money. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

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