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Supplier: Meca Racking Solutions
29 January, 2009

Safety Is paramount in business today, ensure your company is in compliance with Safety Standards for your warehouse.

Storage systems and access of goods for stock control, use conveyors, rollers, and ASRS,  and incorporate use of  automatic pallet carriers, and storage areas are high density work areas, with safety issues.  Meca Racking Solutions is a preferred supplier providing  technology to ensure compliance with Australian standards AS-4084-1993 and FEM standards is maintained.

The company encourages to maintain compliance, improve safety, and education of warehouse management, and staff, for safe use racking systems.Accidents occur in warehouses including rack and forklift injuries. Businesses acknowledge, it is legislation for companies to complete at least one annual inspection of pallet racking.  Racking inspections issue a conformance certificate for compliance with all Australian Standards AS-4084-1993.   Suppliers of racking suggest businesses be aware of issues affecting safe use of racking.

  • Training/ induction of warehouse staff be followed.  Forklift operator educated on safe practices of pallet management. 
  •  Load charts and point load bearing weights should be maintained.
  •  Forklift activity, equals risk of damage to racking.  Use  defined traffic management, safety bollards, signs, and warning alarms, reduce risks of damages and risk to staff.
  • Environmental damages affect all types of storage systems.  Corrosion development; exchange uprights, or beams as required.  Outdoor environments are covered in rack clad and be galvanised. Storage of chemicals, affect rack and require containment.
  • Used racking be inspected. Ensure no damage, or rack injuries, and rack is under 5 yrs old, and a brand that conforms to Australian Standards and FEM standards for rack, to remain in compliance.
  • Installation of additional racking/ re-configuration in warehouses,  be aware of point loading of concrete,  before application of pallet racking. Ensure racking is correctly anchored to the floor.
  •  Inspections include layout, configuration with date of installation and updated after annual inspection or additional racking is changed.
  •  Inspections include review of forklift equipment in event of changes to storage areas.
  • Beams,  overloaded due to negligence of beam capacity, incorrect load chart signs; beams may bend, bow, crack, split, fail, and collapse.  Uprights subject to forklift injuries from load and unload impacts. Risk of collapse of pallet rack place lives at risk of serious injury and death.   Warehouse operators audit damage, assessed, against  tolerances.  Where damage exceeds tolerances, rack should be unloaded.Warehouses with different brands of rack, require load charts displayed from each provider.Repairs go unnoticed in areas of high stock storage, leaving risk of costly accidents.  Meca Racking Solutions offer consultation, project management, repairs, and service for all types and brands of racking and storage systems.