Clyde Dome Valves

Supplier: Kockums Bulk Systems
11 November, 2013

Kockums Bulk Systems (KBS) is well known for the supply of Pneumatic Conveying systems after almost four decades operating in Australasia.

Specialising in the energy efficient dense phase method of pneumatic conveying, a wide range of powders has been handled in that time giving the company a huge body of experience in the industry.

To supplement that experience, the company has a policy of testing and evaluating all materials under consideration, and to that end, maintains one of the largest full scale test plants for pneumatic conveying in Australia.

Kockums has supplied systems as far afield as Asia, Europe, Sth Africa and the UK, in capacities up to 300 tonne per hour, over a distances of up to 1000 m. However, most standard applications are usually around 10 to 80 tonnes per hour with conveying distances of 40 to 150 metres.

Kockums' recent applications and current manufactures include: cement for Sunstate Cement; high rate bulk bag unloading/transfer systems for Holcim in New Zealand; emergency ship filling system for Holcim in New Zealand; magnesia powder for the Ravensthorpe Joint Venture; a stainless steel unit for plastic granules for Fiji Water; feedlot product conveying for AMH; containerized char for Australian Char; glass colouring powders for ACI Qld.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying is recognized as providing the lowest possible conveying velocity regimes which has a significant impact on wear performance of contact parts in the conveying line, particularly when handling abrasive materials.

Wear has been reported as being related to the 4th or 5th power of the velocity in a pipe, so a slight increase in velocity dramatically increases the wear.

A recent addition to Kockums portfolio has been the CLYDE Dome valve as a consequence of being appointed the sole Australasian agent. The Dome Valve was introduced in 1974 by Clyde Materials Handling, based in South Yorkshire in the UK and has been continually refined since then. This is a high specification, high performance valve that has a worldwide reputation for reliability, simplicity, longevity and minimum maintenance requirements, particularly in the powder and slurry handling industries.

The Clyde Dome Valve has over 10,000 installations. The simple cavity free construction which is designed to minimise the possibility of material build-up within the valve body provides a full bore flow path. The valve is capable of cutting through a static column of bulk solid.

The Dome Valve is a favourite of cement companies which require very heavy duty valves for continuous operation.

Valve operation

When an electrical signal is given to open the valve, the inflatable seat (tucked away from the line of the product) is quickly deflated, and the spherical dome is easily rotated out of the path of the product and in beside the body. The reverse occurs when closing the valve and the seal inflates only when the dome has completely moved to the closed position.

Kockums now offer the option of fitting these valves to inlet and discharge valves on their dense phase pneumatic conveying vessels (PCVs) and line diverters. But more widely, they can be considered for any system handling bulk products where a pressure tight seal is required for applications to 35 bar (3.5 MPa) pressure and temperatures from -20 C to 750 C (water cooled version).

Clyde Dome Valves will handle abrasive, friable, toxic, hazardous, and cohesive materials. They are typically used for handling minerals, chemicals, ores, ash, granules, detergents, chemicals, and fine powders.

New products

Clyde has recently released the Dustcatcher Dome Valve which is an application of the valves in a main dust collection process line in a blast furnace. This is a very critical and demanding application for any bulk materials shutoff valve.

Slide valves and pinch valves are reported to give very short service life, so the Dustcatcher Valve is finding great acceptance.

Another new product, the Stainless Steel Dome Valve, is produced in sizes from 50 mm to 800 mm and for temperatures from -20 C to 480 C. They have a maximum design operating pressure from full vacuum to 16 barg and are specially built for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. In addition, they have a 'crack- and crevice-free' design and CIP nozzles may be fitted. The internal and external finish may be polished, armour coated or electro polished.

This latest edition, the Dome Valve, is a perfect product to compliment Kockums Bulk Systems product range and enables us to supply our customers with the highest quality equipment available.