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CMC Technologies

CMC Technologies | Industrial Instrumentation

CMC Technologies

CMC Technologies supplies industrial instrumentation to all industries.

Rupture disks, bursting discs, explosion vents/panels/doors, indoor explosion vents, spark and ember detection/extinguishing and explosion isolation/explosion suppression systems, flame arresters, sight glass fittings, mechanically pre-stressed (fused) sight glasses, tempered sight glass discs, luminaires/lights & cameras for process vessels, Differential Pressure Gauges, Differential Pressure Switches, Backflow Prevention Test Kits, Pressure Limiting Valves, Gauge Snubbers, Averaging Pitot Tubes/ Delta Tubes / Annubars, Venturi meters, Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Vortex Flowmeters, Coriolis flowmeters and all known Flow Measurement technologies, Application Air Dryers, Dessicant Air Dryers, Coalescing Filters.

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CMC Technologies' policy is to add value when products are sold as well as continue the support when the products are in the field. All our products are innovative and are manufactured by reputable companies who fully support their products.

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