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CNC Machining Centre - Format4 Profit H20 MT

Supplier: Felder Group Pty Ltd

Manufacturing parts such as upholstery furniture components, is known as "Nesting".

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The slotted table ensures that the workpiece is completely supported and "FlashNest", the Format-4 Nesting software, will calculate the maximum number of shapes possible per panel and minimise the amount of scrap material produced.

Linear guides
Head-guided Y and Z axes with enclosed bearing: recirculating ball bushings running on hardened and ground linear guides; the Y and Z axes are positioned using a ground recirculating ball screw.

X-axis outrigger guide via the gear rack drive
The beveled tooth profile guarantees the utmost precision. The speed reduction mechanism ensures maximum positioning accuracy. Enclosed bearing: recirculating ball bushings running on hardened and ground linear guides.

Automatic centralised lubrication
A pneumatic time-cycled control delivers the lubricant to the lubrication points of the X, Y and Z axis guides. The lubrication cycle is pre-set via the axis control.

Matrix table highlights

  • 2 working areas
  • "Pendulum configuration" (Standard): whilst the work program is being machined on the left-hand side work bed, the next workpiece to be machined can be placed onto the right-hand side work bed in preparation for the next work process
  • Laser for suction pad positioning ensures precise positioning especially required when processing detailed or complicated shapes
  • 4 cylinder stops in the front working area and one cylinder stop on the left and on the right of the working area.

The Drilling Head

  • 14 vertical drill spindles, 32 mm shaft: 9 in the X- and 5 in the Y-axis, always individually retrievable
  • 6 horizontal drill spindles, 32 mm shaft: 4 in the X- and 2 in the Y-axis, always individually retrievable
  • Integrated slot cutter in the X-axis
  • Inverter driven motor up to 6,000 rpm

The main spindle
With a power capacity of 9 to 12 kW with up to 24,000 rpm and inverter controlled, the moulder motor is more than capable to tackle any task. The moulder motor is fixed directly on to the carrier unit in the Z-axis. The highly precise vertical guiding of the moulder motor is guaranteed by two vertical guide tracks. The HSK F63 tooll clamping takes place automatically. The tension of the tool is controlled by sensors and the operation safety confirmed. The tooling housing is cleaned pneumatically.

A C-axis can be inserted onto every Format-4 CNC machine as an interpolating (360°) fourth axis (option).
The Horizontal Spindle Motor
With a motor strength of 4.5 kW and 18,000 rpm the horizontal spindle motor is controlled by an inverter. Through the use of a variety of tooling for example a rebate or casing tool the processing opportunities are almost limitless, providing massive shape variety.
8x linear tool changer mounted to the outrigger
A linear tool changer, with up to 8 different tool positions, mounted to the outrigger ensures massive machining diversity.
18-Position Rotary Tool Changer mounted to the outrigger
Optional: The rotating changer with 18 tool positions is mounted at the back of the outrigger and moves with the outrigger along the X-axis. Due to the 18-position rotating tool changer, tooling times are kept to the bare minimum making the Format-4 machining centre even more efficient!
Pick-Up Tool Changer
Standard: Pick-up tool and unit position at the rear on the outrigger
3D simulator
The 3D simulator acts as a graphical presentation of the machine with all components, tooling and workpieces. It will display all working processes and tool changes in real time.
All of the vacuum pods positioned on the CNC will be shown including any possible collisions.

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