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Color Recognition Sensors - SA1J/SA1J-F

Supplier: IDEC

The SA1J series of sensors are a proven leader among inexpensive color recognition sensors. With a high response speed of 0.3msec and superb color discriminating electronics, the SA1J full color sensor is the perfect solution to almost any color detection application.


This full color sensor is simple to program. You literally just touch a button and your target reference color is programmed. With the SA1J's small visible beam spot, this sensor is easy to align in complex applications.

The SA1J is available in 1- or 3-color models. The SA1J 3-color sensor offers users the added benefit of three reference color registration and three individual outputs. This is ideal for multiple color registration.

The SA1J-F is ideal for color sorting and quality control applications where space is limited. The SA1J-F can utilize a wide assortment of fiber optic heads to fit in the smallest of mounting areas.

The SA1J-F offers both one and three color programmable sensors for multiple-color sorting applications. With the touch of a button, the SA1J-F is programmed and ready to take on difficult applications.

Key Features

  • One and three color models
  • Highly sensitive to variations in color; can distinguish between subtle shades of the same color
  • Fast response time of 0.3msec
  • Three LEDs (Red, Green and Blue) provide a long sensing life
  • Set sensor with the touch of a button
  • IP 67 rating for harsh, wet environments
  • SA1J: Easy alignment and targeting using a visible beam
  • SA1J-F: Wide variety of fiber optic heads


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