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Combination Machines - Felder CF 741 S Professional

Supplier: Felder Group Pty Ltd

Since 1955, Felder have been designing, developing and producing 5 function combination machines.

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The ideal symbiosis: minimal space requirement and yet you are able to work as if on a solo machine thanks to the legendary Felder operation and conversion technology.

The Felder system cutterblock
With an 88 mm knife cutting radius, 2- or 4-knife cutterblock and the unique Felder system cutterblock technology, the Felder planing result reaches new heights. Fifteen years ago, Felder introduced the double-sided disposable planer knife system. After each cutterblock knife change, start again with perfectly adjusted machine edged planer knives. Its much faster and more economical than the standard system. Its mere child’s play to change the planer knives. In less than a few minutes you can change either the 2- or 4-knife cutterblock. The sharp Felder planer knives are instantly ready for action!

The new FELDER 700 Circular Saw Unit
Constructed completely out of cast iron, the new Felder 700 Series saw unit represents a new era of running stability and efficiency.
104 mm cutting height with a 315 mm saw blade
operates with groover up to 19.5 mm
Electrical height adjustment with LED display
Zero point tilt
Large dimensioned saw arbor with double
bearing seats
Maximum energy transfer thanks to the large Poly-V belt
Optimal extraction with the completely enclosed, below table extraction system
Precise height adjustment via precision linear guides
High precision double-sided support system
Tilt segment "Easy-Glide":
- High durability
- Play-free tilt
- Unaffected by dust
- Completely maintenance free
- No lubrication required

Circular saw shaft
The electronically balanced saw arbor with dual bearing seat system is powered via a Poly-V belt. This combination results in an almost perfect transmission of power to the saw blade.

To use a grooving cutter "Dado cutter"
The Felder 700 Series saw unit is fully compatible with dado tooling. Thanks to removable flanges and table insert, the Felder designed, fully adjustable dado cutters can be used.

Quick change spindle system
The advantages of the Felder quick change spindle system: Quick and easy change of spindle sizes; ability to interchange between 25, 30, 40, 50 mm, ¾", 1" and 1 ¼" diameter spindles; facility to insert a high speed router spindle for router bits; automatic repetition of settings for production work.

Angle adjustment and fence length compensation:
No reading errors due to scales and vernier. No time-wasting with arduous approximations of angle values. The advantage of the Felder degree index is that the stop is set and fixed without losing time or making reading errors. Highly precise index positions allow for the accurate production of polygons, e.g. 5.625º (32 sided), 11.25º (16 sided), 22.5º (8 sided). In addition, index positions at 15º, 20º, 25º, 30º, 35º, 40º and 45º can be used when working in slide to cut or push to cut mode. Every index position is equipped with a length compensator. The highly precise Felder degree index system is adjusted in the factory. Every index position also has individual fine adjustment. The index system, which integrates well into the machine design, increases your productivity to achieve unrivalled cost effectiveness.

Trapezoid threaded spindle
4 spindles with trapezoidal threads guarantee accurate adjustment and high weight bearing capacity on the thicknessing table. The table height adjustment guideways (A+B) also stabilize the table against lateral movement particulary in the outfeed direction during thicknessing.

Crosscut fence
The crosscut fence 1100 mm for crosscuts between +45° and –45°. The fence can be attached to the sliding table without the use of tools. The end stop provides you with the exact 90° position.
The bevelled mitre scale with accurate readout is visible from the operating area and thus enables exact setting of the required crosscut value. The large crosscut fence stops are constructed in such a way that a small tongue on the stop fits perfectly into a groove on the fence. This means the crosscut fence stop remains firmly in place, especially useful when crosscutting pre-mitred workpieces.

The telescopic crosscut fence
The 2600 mm long telescopic crosscut fence can be effortlessly adjusted from 90° to 45°. A mitre scale on the outrigger table allows for accurate adjustments. On request, we will fit your outrigger table with the precision mitre pin locating ­ system. Locate your mitre angles
accurately time and again!

Patented planer adjustment system
Accurate adjustment. This is obtained with the patented planer table adjusting system, which works with lateral prismatic guide rails.

Outrigger tables "1300" and "1500"
The outrigger table “1300” comes as standard on S-Professional models. The workpiece roller at the end of the outrigger assures an easy loading process. The telescopic fence can be positioned as desired from 90 to 45 degrees. For those who require even more support surface, there is the optional upgrade to the "1500" outrigger at no additional cost.

Precision mitre index system: exact angle precision
The “precision mitre index system” on the outrigger table of the professional model allows you to freely select ­preset positioning stops at increments of 5°, but also at 22.5°, by means of the index locating pin from +45° to –45°.

Precision sliding table – with "X-Roll" guiding system
The Felder precision sliding table has been designed to accept maximum loads while retaining its smooth operation and accuracy. The "Monoprofile" of the sliding table and base guarantees maximum ­torsional strength at every temperature. Through the "X" formation of the roller bearings the load is optimally distributed to all sides. The "X-Roll" guiding system and other numerous outstanding details are patented. Such precision and technology earns the right to the status of "World Class".

The new FELDER "700" Spindle Moulder Unit
With a completely new design, the Felder "700" spindle unit sets new standards!
Spindle operating height of up to 115 mm
Table opening: 230 mm
Quick-change system for moulder spindle
4 Operating speeds (3500, 6500, 8000, 10,000 rpm)
Change of speed from front of machine
Fully compatible with high speed router spindle at 15,000 rpm
Tilts backwards 0° to 45°
Electrical height adjustment with LED display
High precision double-sided support system
Dovetail guidance system for height adjustment
Maximum energy transfer thanks to the large Poly-V belt
Excellent vibration absorption from heavy cast iron unit
Tilt segment "Easy-Glide":
- High durability
- Play-free tilt
- Unaffected by dust
- Completely maintenance free
- No lubrication required

The precision "240" spindle fence and the large spindle opening
The "240" spindle fence is standard equipment on the spindle moulders. The spindle fence can accommodate tooling to a maximum of 230 mm and has a fine adjustment on the spindle fence outfeed side. The integrated dust extraction connector allows for chip removal. The spindle table opening is 230 mm. That is your advantage when panel-raising ­­– the spindle tooling can be lowered under the table.

Multi fine adjustment system
The MULTI-adjustment system allows quick adjustment to the workpiece diameter, also ensuring parallel running of the moulder fence.
- automatic repeat setting after removal of your fence
- parallel adjustments of the moulder fence
- quick and accurate adjustment
- measurement scale for depth of cut

Variable speed control
Optimise your cutting speed to suit each and every job. Variable speed control, from 1500–11,000 rpm. Planer knife adjustment without the use of tools; accurate to one tenth of a millimetre; comes as standard with your Felder machine! The Felder-system cutterblock: 2- or 4-knife cutterblock, Quick and effortless knife change, The self-aligning knives, result in perfectly set knives each and every time, No resinous residuals on clamping bolts, Extremely quiet operation due to the enclosed design, Excellent durability of knife edges, Cost saving, thanks to the low price of planer blades

Tenons and slots
The heavy duty Felder spindle unit ensures high precision when moulding and tennoning with heavy tooling. Your Felder spindle tilts ­ "backward" with operational comfort and for the following ­reasons.
- Safe operation
- Suitable for any workpiece size
- Problem-free power feeder application
- Impeccably machined surface
- Optimal chip removal

"Power-Drive" – never use a handwheel again
"Power-Drive" gives you electronic height adjustment on the saw blade. Turn the control knob to adjust the blade height, displayed on a red LED display.