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Combination Valves | Air Valves D-060 HF NS series

Supplier: Amiad Australia

Combination Valves, the Air Valves D-060 HF NS series finds applications in water pipelines with anticipated conditions of surge and water hammer.

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Combination Valves | Air Valves D-060 HF NS series


The D-060 HF NS series Combination Air Valve has the features of both an air release valve and an air & vacuum valve.The air release component is designed to automatically release small pockets of air to the atmosphere as they accumulate along a pipeline or piping system when it is full and operating under pressure.

The air & vacuum component is designed to automatically discharge or admit large volumes of air during the filling or draining of a pipeline or piping system. This valve will open to relieve negative pressures whenever water column separation occurs.


  • - Water pipelines with anticipated conditions of surge and water hammer.
  • - On the peaks of water pipelines with steep slopes.
  • - At the points of water pipelines where water column separation occurs.

D-060-C HF - additional applications

  • - Water pipelines vulnerable to vandalism and/or water theft.
  • - Water systems found in remote areas.

D-062 HF NS and D-065 HF NS - additional applications

- Water systems with pressure demands of 25 bar and 40 bar (D-062 HF NS and D-065 HF NS respectively).


The D-060 HF NS series Combination Non Slam Air Valve is a surge dampening, slam-preventing, 3-stage combination air valve. The air valve provides high capacity vacuum protection and, at the same time, efficient surge suppression.

At sudden drainage and/or water column separation (sudden pump trips or valve closure, for instance), the air & vacuum orifice admits air at high flow rates, thus preventing vacuum.

As the water column and/or pressure wave returns, large volumes of air are discharged at high velocities, raising the non-slam disc, partially closing the air & vacuum orifice and allowing air to exhaust slowly through the smaller orifice of the non-slam disc.

This slowly exhausting air pocket dampens the slam of the returning water column, thus suppressing the pressure surge.

As the water flow arrives at a much slower rate, dampened by the slower air discharge, it buoys up the main float, gently closing the air & vacuum component of the air valve.

The S-050-C, S-052, S-015 air release component continues releasing air while the pipeline and the air valve are pressurized.

Main Features

  • Working pressure range:
  • D-060 HF NS: 0.2-16 bar
  • D-060-C HF NS: 0.2-16 bar
  • D-062 HF NS: 0.2-25 bar
  • D-065 HF NS: 0.2-40 bar
  • Testing pressure for the air valve is 1.5 times its working pressure.
  • Maximum working temperature: 60° C.
  • Maximum intermittent temperature: 90° C.
  • All main flow cross-sections are equal or greater than the nominal port area.
  • Aerodynamic design enables high flow rates of air both at intake and at discharge.
  • Reliable operation reduces water hammer incidents.
  • Dynamic design allows for high velocity air discharge while preventing premature closure.
  • Special orifice seat design: bronze and E.P.D.M. rubber, assures long-term maintenance free operation.
  • Screen protected outlet.
  • The upper screen is protected with a protective cover.
  • FBE coating, both interior & exterior, according to the international standard DIN 30677-2.

Air Release Component

  • Body made of high strength materials.
  • All operating parts are made of specially selected corrosion- resistant polymer materials.
  • Large sized air release orifice:
  • Dramatically reduces the possibility of obstruction by debris.
  • Discharges high air flow rates.
  • One size orifice for a wide pressure range (up to 40 bar), achieved by: A.R.I patented rolling seal mechanism.

Valve Selection

  • Size Range: 2”- 10”
  • 2” – 8” for model D-065 HF NS only
  • D-060 HF NS, for 16 bar
  • D-060-C HF NS is vandalism protected by a cast metal air release component body, made for 16 bar
  • D-062 HF NS is vandalism protected by a cast metal air release component body, made for 25 bar
  • D-065 HF NS, made for 40 bar
  • These valves are manufactured with flanged ends to meet any requested standard.

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