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Combined Power & Signal Surge Protector | SFD 30-50 Series

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Novaris protection for both power and signal is provided in one compact and economical DIN compliant package.

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Novaris' SFD Combined Power and Signal Protector 30-50 Series are designed for the effective protection of CCTV systems against induced transient overvoltages. Protection is provided for both power and coaxial cable lines in one convenient package. The unit consists of a single-phase surge filter rated at 2 amperes and a BNC female to female coaxial cable line protector.

All Mode Protection

Novaris models featuring all mode protection provide protection for all combinations of lines (L-N, L-E, N-E) ensuring the maximum level of protection is achieved at all times. They have been designed for installation in all wiring systems worldwide.

Multistage Protection

Models featuring multistage transient protection deliver greater levels of protection through a staged approach. The primary stage absorbs the majority of the surge energy. The remaining stages provide accurate clamping and a degree of redundancy.

Surge Current Fusing

Surge current fuses allow components to absorb maximum energy but in the event of a component failure the fuse will open to isolate the damaged component.

DIN 43880 Compliant

Protection devices housed in DIN 43880 compliant enclosures allow for convenient installation on DIN rail fittings commonly used in switchboards worldwide.

Safe Metal Enclosure

Novaris surge protection products are housed in safe, all metal enclosures. In the event of a prolonged overvoltage they will not catch fire or explode.