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Commercial Electrics | Re-lamping Services

Supplier: City Metro Electrics

At City Metro Electrics we can expertly relamp your light fittings to ensure your lights are operating brightly and providing the light output desired.

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When we relamp, we clean the diffuser or lens and reflective surfaces to ensure you are maximising your light output. We can relamp any type of lamp or globe. We can also recommend the latest cost effective energy saving alternatives that can save you real money in operating costs.

We offer two types of relamping:

  • Spot re-lamping: Replacing lamps and globes one by one as the lamps burn out
  • Group re-lamping: Replacing lamps and globes in bulk at a predetermined interval based on the average rated life, hours of use and lamp lumen depreciation. Group relamping has proven to be industry best practice

In commercial applications we recommend group re-lamping. Group re-lamping has proven to offer large savings in both time and labour costs over spot re-lamping of failed lights.

To determine the group re-lamping interval, we find the point when the lamps in an area will start burning out on a regular enough basis to make it cost effective to just replace them all, even if they aren’t burnt out yet. This usually works out to 60-80% of rated lamp life.

(Rated lamp life is calculated as the point at which 50% of lights will have failed) This will save you money because of the reduced number of call out fees and the more efficient and effective use of time. This will easily more than make up for the additional cost of replacing the group of lamps, even if they haven't quite reached the end of their life.

To re-lamp, we schedule access to an area, bring in all the necessary equipment and supplies, work in an efficient manner (possibly at night, on the weekend or some other scheduled downtime), and then leave that area until the next scheduled group re-lamping.

Group re-lamping provides:

  • Optimum light output
  • Superior aesthetic quality
  • Optimum energy efficiency
  • Large cost savings

We use only quality lamps. If there are any lights that fail between the group re-lamping intervals we will replace them, without a call out fee, to maximise your cost savings.