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Compact Laminator - RINC EUROPE BV

Supplier: Process Plant Network

Rinc Europe BV founded by the renowned Rijkaart family. As agents for Rinc Europe we are proud to present the Rinc Range. Famous for its Laminator Range the quality and performance is unsurpassed. If you want to produce the best use one of Europe's best-Rinc!

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FAT PUMP – A view inside the RINC fat pump reveals THREE HORIZONTAL AUGERS.
These augers will take FULL BLOCKS OF FAT and feed them consistently into the Mono pump which in turn provides the sheet of dough with a perfect layer of fat.

DOUGH QUALITY - The large MULTI ROLLER is specifically designed by RINC to assist in producing the best possible dough product. The use of TEFLON COATED LARGE MULTI-ROLLERS guarantees the ultimate end result. It has a reduction capability of 10:1. The 12 top rollers have a total diameter of 400mm.

LAMINATING – The compact laminator is UNIQUE in the world of laminators. In just a FRACTION OF FLOOR SPACE normally required by a laminator it provides the same capabilities as a “full size” laminator without compromising the quality of the final product. The dough is supported by the servo-driven laminating rollers to ensure that the fat layer remains intact inside the dough.The Laminating system can very easily be changed to a CUT & STACK SYSTEM by adding a guillotine and retracting system

EASY OPERATION- The Compact Laminator comes standard with a TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL PANEL. This allows the operator to visualise the line whilst changing settings. The PLC behind the panel stores up to 99 different programs as well as all the required settings t make this machine user friendly.

MULTI CROSS ROLLER - A look inside the MULTI-CROSS ROLLER allows you to see the 2 sets of rollers gently pressing the dough outwards to the edge of the conveyor. The use of multiple rollers greatly reduces the tension which would be placed on the dough by a standard cross pinner. There are NO CHAINS OR BEARINGS running above the dough sheet therefore eliminating the risk of metal and lubricant contamination and making the unit practically maintenance free.

DIRECT DRIVE – RINC’S direct drive sheeting heads eliminate the need for chains and sprockets. Conveniently accessed through a hinged interlocked door, the drives are no longer “underneath” the machine. A central greasing system makes maintenance easy and the bolt on standard bearings ensures a quick and easy replacement

WASH DOWN - The complete system is manufactured specifically for wash down with quick release belts  making the procedure quick and simple.

PRODUCT QUALITY- RINC uses only 12 roller multi-rollers and NO swing arm laminating