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Competitive Manufacturing / Lean Simulation

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Our one day Lean and TOC Simulation shows you how to integrate "lean" into your manufacturing process, ensuring it is working at its optimum.

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Competitive Manufacturing / Lean Simulation

Lean Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints (TOC) Simulation

Our one day Lean and TOC Simulation shows you how to integrate "lean" into your manufacturing process, ensuring it is working at its optimum.

It is easy to get caught up in the everyday tasks of doing our job, without taking the time to truly analyse our processes and take steps to improve them. As a result, inefficient practices creep into everyday tasks and make life more difficult than anyone realises.

Through the one day Simulation, managers, supervisors, operators and key-decision makers involved in manufacturing and processing can learn the tools needed to identify constraints and process issues in their own manufacturing environment and fix them.

The Simulation practically demonstrates how "lean" methodologies can be implemented into a workplace in a sustainable way.

The Simulation uses Lean manufacturing principles to work towards perfecting manufacturing processes. An analysis of the material and information flow leads to the elimination of non-value adding activities, elevating a "typical" production environment to best practice.

The immersive nature of the Simulation results in a much deeper and long lasting understanding of the principles of Lean and TOC. These principles work in companies regardless of size or sector.

The Simulation recreates the manufacturing environment through the hands-on assembly of "products" at separate work stations and all participants work together to refine the process and achieve optimum output. (Challenge: try to beat the standing record)

What you'll learn from the Lean and TOC Simulation:

  • How to rate on the Best Practice scale.
  • How to maximise productivity using theory of constraints.
  • The application of lean methodologies across manufacturing, financials, administration and the supply chain.
  • Ability to develop people into a cohesive, flexible, and empowered autonomous team to achieve a common goal of improved performance.
  • Ability to list, discuss and review process issues by using basic problem solving techniques through breakaway group sessions.
  • How to identify and eliminate non-value added activities.
  • How to distinguish between push and pull systems and understand the control method of Kanban pull signals to balance supply and demand, improve lead times and reduce work-in progress.
  • Understand why, how and when to reduce set up times.
  • Why large batch sizes are not cost effective and increase inventory, lead times, and reduce flexibility.
  • Why consistent processes give quality results through standard work practices and procedures.
  • The importance of visual performance measures in driving behaviours.
  • How the implementation of 5S housekeeping is the cornerstone of best practice.
  • The importance of quality at source and mistake proofing.
  • Why preventative and autonomous maintenance is critical to overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Understand the key best practices areas of: Leading and Managing Change, Teamwork, Set-up Reduction, Process and Material Flow, Focused Improvement, 5S and Visual Performance Measures.

Approximately eight hours needs to be allocated for the Simulation and it requires at least 12 role playing participants to a maximum of 25. QMI's Lean Simulations are run regularly either in mixed business groups or in-house per company.

The Simulation is an excellent starting point for a company wide focus on Lean principles. By applying best practice techniques under practical conditions, participants will accelerate awareness and understanding that will enhance the success rate and effectiveness of your Lean program.

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