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Complete Assembly for knife points

Supplier: Agpoint Australia

The extendable seeding delivery attachment solves the problem of farmers having to get the spanners out to adjust or add the seeding boot extensions.The extendable seeding delivery system fi ts most popular double bolt hole, fl at on or edge on cultivator tines, and adapts to all commonly used fl exible seeding tubes.

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Complete Assembly for knife points 

Agpoint’s new extendable seed and fertiliser delivery system adapts in just seconds for use with either knife points or sweeps. Spanners are not required. An extendable seeding delivery attachment has also been developed, to compliment the slimwedge locking system and quick change features of the Agpoint range.

The unique feature of this seeding/fertiliser boot attachment is that it adapts to changes in cultivation depth as quickly as it takes to knock on a knife point.The seeding boot extension piece, required for accurate seed or fetiliser placement when using a knife point, is automatically locked into place by the knife point itself when it is attached to a tine using the Agpoint Slimwedge System.

Do I want to use a sweep or a knife point?

(a) If you want to use a sweep only, use SS2-1 as pictured above

(b) If you want to use a knife point, you will also need the extension SS2-2

(c) If you want to double shoot, you will also need a SS2-3 Flexi Boot