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Complete Cabinet Filtration | Intercept

Supplier: Intercept Australia

Intercept Technology® for Products Outside the Bag.

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The same Intercept Technology that has been accepted and used by institutions such as the Guggenheim, Tate Galleries, Boston Museum of Fine Arts and more, to protect sculptures, coins, and other works of art is now available in an archival foam. Intercept foam will react with and neutralize the atmospheric pollution within cabinets or other storage areas.

The Intercept Technology has the ability to absorb and neutralize gases (including ozone, nitrous groups, formaldehyde, sulfur compounds, chlorine compounds, gaseous acetic acid and more) with Continuous cleaning for 90 Days per battery change for your display cabinet or closed storage areas of atmospheric pollution, ensuring enhanced protection for your collections. This exciting new development comes in 2 forms – passive cleaning and active air filtration. Active filtrations provides 1 full air exchange per hour for a cubic meter display case, or 1 air exchange every 2 hours for a 2 cubic meter case.

Features of Complete Cabinet Filtration - Intercept:

  • Foam saturated with Corrosion Intercept, a Technology developed and patented by Lucent Technologies/ Bell Labs that will react with and permanently neutralise chemical pollutants and corrosive gasses, the true cause of deterioration and aging of garments, fabric, paper documents, metallic and rubber items.
  • Intercept continuously cleans the air of these damaging gasses making any enclosure a pristine micro-environment.
  • Intercept foam does not outgas! Nothing will coat the items it is protecting.

Advantages of Complete Cabinet Filtration - Intercept:

  • Either a passive system (saturated foam strips and blocks) or active system (Intercept saturated foam together with a self contained fan)
  • Simple application
  • Only material on the market that will continuously absorb gasses for up to six months!

Benefits of Complete Cabinet Filtration - Intercept:

  • By cleaning / filtering the air through the Intercept Foam the ICCF removes harmful pollutants from the trapped air space within the cabinet / drawer / small storage area.
  • Save time and money on cleaning fees – ICCF is a fraction of costly cabinet cleaning fees. Plus Intercept foam strips continue to eliminate corrosive gasses for up to six months, at which time new foam strips can be inserted to begin the cleaning process.
  • Easy application, completely safe (Instruction sheet in every order)
  • Packaged in extended life outer bag ensuring foam is delivered in optimum condition.