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Compressed Air Safety Fuse | HoseGuard by ProtectAir

Supplier: Australis Engineering

If you use compressed air in your workplace, do you meet your OHS responsibilities? HoseGuard is a compressed air safety fuse that will help you meet your OHS requirements. Watch our 2016 video!

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Compressed Air Safety

The ProtectAir range of compressed air safety products, including the HoseGuard compressed air "safety fuse" are available in Australia from the Master Distributor, Australis Engineering and offer an easy solution for hose-check / whiplash prevention on compressed air lines.

As used by major Australian Food Manufacturers, Aerospace Companies, Tool Hire Companies and Mines

The Problem

Many industrial workshops and manufacturing plants use air-tools that operate at six bars and are fed from a system with 8 to 12 bars or more.

Improper removal of an air tool from a quick coupler can cause the flexible air-supply line to whip around uncontrollably, injuring employees, damaging expensive equipment and products, or in the case of clean room situations blowing contaminating particles into the air. And this is only what happens when a thin 'feeder line" is involved.

Its a similar issue for portable compressors. In these situations there may be hoses up to 75mm in diameter under pressures of up to 35 bars, carrying 102,000 litres (75mm hose at 10 bars) or more of compressed air per minute.

But even these hoses can be quickly destroyed: they can be run over by other equipment such as forklifts or pallet trolleys, cut by carelessly unloaded construction materials, and the rubber can become porous due to continuous use under all kinds of wind and weather conditions.

New Workplace Health and Safety regulations came into effect on 1 January 2012.

Do you meet your new WHS obligations to minimise risk of injury to your employees?

It is extremely unpleasant to imagine what could happen in such a case. Such hoses can smash into a human body with ease, can demolish vehicles, building structures and equipment, and are effectively impossible to control. In a compressed air line, HoseGuard operates like a fuse in an electrical circuit. If an excessive flow suddenly occurs, typical for a leak, HoseGuard cuts off the feed in a fraction of a second.

However, in contrast to the situation in an electrical fuse, HoseGuard permits a residual flow that slowly restores the system to the normal working pressure after replacement of the defective hose, and then automatically resets itself.

The major advantage is that all other sections of the system remain under pressure and work can continue.
Aside from its immediate safety function for the downstream system, HoseGuard protects the compressor itself.

Without HoseGuard, the situation can arise that an undiscovered leak can cause the compressor to operate at full capacity for a lengthy period, eventually leading to a shutdown and a defect in the compressor, quite apart from the unnecessary energy consumption and accompanying CO2 emissions.

Learn More by reading our Compressed Air Safety Whitepaper

The Solution

This is exactly the kind of thing that cannot happen when HoseGuard is used. Install the HoseGuard systems to ensure workplace safety in cases where compressed air is used, and not only protects facilities, products and employees against harm, but also avoids possible claims for liability.

Benefits of the HoseGuard Compressed Air Safety Fuse:

  • Protects personnel, machinery and plant
  • Maintenance friendly - repair possible while plant is still working
  • Cost effective - competitively priced and minimal repair/ running costs
  • German made - reliable and tamperproof - no adjustment necessary
  • Light weight - compact size
  • Integrates to your existing air lines
  • Compatible with all pneumatic systems
  • Can be used as a flow blocker
  • Meets stringent European Union ISO EN4414 standard


  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Mining
  • Cleanroom environments
  • Automotive, marine and aeronautical
  • Health
  • Equipment hire
  • Petrol station air hoses
  • Any domestic or industrial application using compressed air

Australis Engineering has a range of commonly used HoseGuard units currently in stock. For large quantities or for heavy industry/mining type HoseGuard units, we can normally supply stock within 14- business days from cleared payment.

Protect your workers and equipment from burst compressed air lines by installing a HoseGuard today.

Watch our Latest Video

We have just released a new video that demonstrates more clearly how HoseGuard can save lives by rapidly reducing the risk of a thrashing compressed air hose caused by a hose burst, hose cut or a tool or fitting blowing off the air hose.

For more information about the HoseGuard by ProtectAus Compressed Air Safety Fuse and to download a brochure go to: