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Computerised button bit grinder

Supplier: AUSROC

The AUSROC PLC 2000 grinder is the most advanced grinding machine in the world, using diaroc cups for sharpening carbide button bits for the mining industry.

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The PLC 2000 Button bit grinder has many special features designed to make the task of sharpening carbide buttons simple, efficient and very cost effective.

Special Features 

·         The new design air motor produces more power using less air.

·         Maintenance costs have been reduced dramatically with the use of precision bearings and an improved bearing lubrication system, resulting in considerable increase in motor life and performance.

·         Ausroc's efficient and cost effective replaceable chuck nut system allows you to replace the diaroc cup drive when it is worn out, without replacing the rotor system.

·         A programmable logic controller controls all machine functions; eg raise and lower the head, controls air and water system, selective head grinding pressure and carbide grinding time etc.

·         The unique eccentric /orbital grinding action is powered by a 24 volt DC electric motor, not air.

·         The control system is built by FESTO and servicing is available world wide, aided by the PLC control system being fitted with internet connection to give online fault finding and analysis any where in the world if needed.

Technical Information for the PLC 2000 
Operation                      PLC controlled with internet connection built in.
Capacity                        6 x 38mm, 2 x 102mm, 1 x 165mm, 1 x 215mm DHT bit.
Spindle speed                22,000 R.P.M.
Air requirements            ( 47-50 c.f.m.)
Air pressure                   6 bar
Electrical supply            240-110 volts A.C. 10 amp single phase.
Water supply                  4 bar @ 0.25 litres /min.