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An Australian company founded in 1986 which specialises in 3D content creation and technology, and understands how to apply and re-use this 3D material across the entire enterprise. From the boardroom to R&D, design-engineering to production, quality management to training, maintenance-repair to OH&S, risk & safety to sales-marketing. Working with global OEM's and their supply chains across more than a dozen industries. CONCENTRIC has developed exclusive iix (interactive immersive experiences) technology. It has an extensive understanding of creating 3D models, 3D analysis, 3D photo realistic renders, 3D online configurators and showrooms, 3D interactive training, 3D data capture, 3D reverse engineering, 3D animated workshop manuals, 3D presentations, and of the storage and sharing of 3D data. CONCENTRIC can operate as an ongoing 3D "Mastermind" service within a company overseeing the development of their 3D content and processes...converting their legacy material to a more engaging and interactive format…or perform specific on-demand 3D tasks within individual projects. CONCENTRIC has strategic alliances with a group of highly respected 3D software development corporations. Includes CONCENTRIC Technology Group, CONCENTRIC Engineering Services, CONCENTRIC Simulation Group, CONCENTRIC Data Management Group, CONCENTRIC Defence Business Group, CONCENTRIC Safety Group, CONCENTRIC Training & Support Group, ENVIZAGE Advanced Manufacturing Facility (prototyping, model making, rapid manufacturing, low volume manufacture), ENVIZAGE Digital Content Services. ( Member of a worldwide expertise/resource-sharing alliance with technology providers from US, France and India. Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane.

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CONCENTRIC Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is a premium 3D technology partner to the aerospace, automotive, architecture, consumer goods, construction, composites, defence, digital content creation, engineering, energy, electrical and electronic, fabrication and assembly, heavy engineering, household products, infrastructure, locomotive, marine, manufacturing, mining, motorsport, product development, quality management, resources, risk management, simulation, serious games, shipbuilding, simulated training, transport and water industries. A wholly owned Australian company, our experienced and highly skilled team has delivered the right expertise and outcomes to allow our customers to attain a competitive industry advantage. We have developed hundreds of productive and lasting relationships with some of the largest global companies right down to micro enterprises. We understand the need to work closely with them,to understand their business environment, and to guide them along their individual technological journey as safely and cost effectively as possible. Our extensive - and very unique - portfolio of 3D services and solutions is flexible enough to meet every client's needs. The combination of CONCENTRIC Technology Group, CONCENTRIC Engineering Services, CONCENTRIC Simulation Group, CONCENTRIC Data Management Group, CONCENTRIC Safety Group, ENVIZAGE Advanced Manufacturing and ENVIZAGE Digital Content Services place more solutions within reach of people, when they need them the most. From the conceptual stages of a project to the presentation of the idea, production, manufacturing, and through-life support. And, risk assessment and quality assurance technology for the whole enterprise. (

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