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Concrete Paving Paint - Surepave

Supplier: Nuplex Construction Products

Surepave is a new generation water based paving paint that has exceptional durability and is suitable for direct application onto concrete.

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Unlike traditional oil based paints it is efflorescence and alkali resistant, and therefore is a superior product on concrete. It has excellent hot tyre resistance.

Easy to apply, dries to a satin finish and has good slip resistance for interior and exterior surfaces. It dries quickly and can be recoated in 2 hours.


  • New Concrete - Allow concrete to cure for at least 4 weeks. (Some fast curing systems may be painted sooner - check with supplier.) Etching is only required on smooth steel trowelled surfaces. On other surfaces wash down with a high pressure water cleaner and allow to dry.
  • Old Concrete - Thoroughly clean and wash the surface to remove dirt and other contaminates includingloose aggregate and sand, preferably with a high pressure water cleaner. Areas where the water beads may still contain oil and grease and will require the application of a concrete cleaner. Heavily stained areas that cannot be cleaned properly are unsuitable for painting. Allow to dry.
  • Grinding – Surface grind to remove loose aggregate.
  • Acid Etching - Prepare a solution of 1 part spirits of salts (33% hydrochloric acid) and 3 parts water. Applyliberally and scrub the surface with a stiff broom. Allow at least 10 minutes for the solution to react before thoroughly washing the surface to remove all traces of reacted salts and excess acid.

Ensure adequate protective clothing is worn.

*For the best results we recommend to apply a coat of Surepave Primer.

Thoroughly stir with a broad flat stirrer. Thin the first coat with water to achieve a viscosity suitable for application. For brushing and rolling thin up to 10% and as required if spraying. The second coat should be applied slightly thicker than the first coat. A third coat will always improve durability for heavy traffic areas. In hot conditions, or when painting in strong sunlight, Surepave will touch dry quickly and lose its wet edge. Slow the drying with the addition of water (approx 5%).

Under normal drying conditions (above 15°C and low humidity) it will be touch dry within 30 minutes and can be recoated after 2 hours. Do not apply if the temperature is below 10°C. or above 30°C.Damp and humid conditions will change the drying times. Under normal drying conditions it may be walked on after 2 hours but it is best to leave for 24 hours.

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