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Concrete Surface Preparation Equipment for Hire | Kennards

Supplier: Kennards Group

Kennards Concrete Surface Preparation Equipment for Hire - Grinders use horizontally rotating discs to level, smooth, or clean the top surface of a concrete slab.

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Grinders come with quick release diamond tooling to remove rough finishes, flatten uneven areas or clean concrete slabs of glues and coatings. Grinders provide contractors a smoother finish than scarifies or scrabbles.


Planers also referred to as scarifiers, milling machines and rotary cutters have loosely mounted tungsten cutters that are thrown out by centrifugal force.

Material is removed by a chipping action as the cutter impacts the surface. Planers allow you to control the depth of cut more precisely than with scabblers.

These versatile machines have various styles of interchangeable cutter assemblies that can be used for light or heavy stock removal. Production rates range from 35 to 150 square meters per hour (dependent on surface, machine size, depth of cut and horse power).


Scabblers (available as a hand held or walk behind machine) use compressed air to hammer piston-mounted bits into the concrete surface. They tend to roughen the concrete surface more then grinding or scarifying. The actual production rate depends on the strength of the concrete. A typical removal rate for a machine with 300mm working width is 20 to 25 square metres per hour at a 3mm depth.


Ride-on LPG, battery scrapers and self propelled strippers can remove all types of floor coverings including ceramics, vinyls, parquetry and waterproof membranes.

Handheld chisellers and scrapers are available as pneumatic or electric. They use a rapid, hammering action to increase production on jobs that would originally require manual scrapers. Various accessories are available, enabling you to easily remove tile, grout, ice, fibreglass, concrete, asphalt, roofing shingles or hardened deposits.

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is a one step surface preparation technique that removes, cleans and profiles the surface in a single process. It can effectively remove laitance, paint, old coatings, dirt and other contaminant that are in or on concrete.

This process will prepare new concrete or steel for coating applications and will enhance and improve the bond for any type of coating system. Shot blasting is a dust free method of surface abrasion in which thousands of steel shot particles is propelled at the surface removing contaminants and rebound back into the system to be recycled. The steel shot profiles the surface, while any contaminants are removed by the dust collection recovery system.

Acid wash

Acid etching of concrete floors is mainly used for light duty applications as the weakly bonded laitance layer is not totally removed. Acid etching does not remove surface contaminants, which must be removed before the acid etching process.

Diluted acid is applied to the concrete floor, which reacts with concrete surfaces. The resultant surface must be thoroughly high-pressure washed at approximately 3000PSI to etch the surface and remove the acid solution.

Vacuum and allow to properly dry for at least 48 hours. Ensure acid is totally neutralised before applying coating. Acid washing is not considered suitable if concrete has any oil, grease or curing agents. Not suitable for vertical or overhead surfaces. It may be the preferred method for food preparation areas. Profile CSP-1. Not recommended as a current best practice on most applications.

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