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Confoil is Australia’s only manufacturer of quality aluminium foil trays and ovenable paperboard trays, Dualpak for the food packaging industry.

The company also markets other associated products such as Oliver paper pulp trays, paper baking moulds, parchment muffin wraps (tulip cups) and catering foil. In addition, high-quality packaging equipment is sold to support sales of consumable products.

The company’s products are supplied to foodservice, airlines, bakery and catering industries throughout Australia, Asia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. Offshore, the company trades through its two overseas operations, in New Zealand and in Kuala Lumpur.

Founded in 1966, Confoil is wholly Australian owned and continues to grow and prosper. They provide the depth of support that only a manufacturer with an intimate knowledge of its field and products can offer. Service at Confoil begins with the highly trained sales force and extends to the technical expertise of Confoil’s production and new product development staff.

Whether creating a custom packaging design, refining existing containers or managing the flow of packaging through your production line, Confoil staff are at hand to provide expert help.

Over the years Confoil has established excellent service credentials teamed with a broad range of quality products. Confoil is ISO 2000 accredited and HACCP certified.

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Extend your high quality standards beyond the factory gate with Confoil food packaging made in Australia by the industry’s perfectionists.

Confoils comprehensive quality management system encompasses all aspects of the company’s administration, manufacturing, distribution and sales activities for consistent product and service quality.

Corporate compliance certifications;
* Comprehensive quality management system in compliance with ISO 9000:2000
* HACCP Certified to Codex HACCP & GMP
* Signatories to the National Packaging Covenant

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