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Conical Wash Head System - Breconcherry CW75

Supplier: Tecpro Australia

The Breconcherry CW75 is an ingenious conical wash head system for targeted cleaning of difficult to reach areas.

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The Breconcherry CW75 features a specially modified Turbodisc wash head for use in agitator tanks and ribbon mixers, where it is undesirable or impossible to use fixed or retracting spray heads.

"Until now it has often been necessary to waste large amounts of time and water by completely filling mixing tanks to clean hard to reach areas such as the undersides of agitator blades," said Tecpro’s Managing Director Graeme Cooper. 

"The CW75, can however, be installed to spray the undersides of blades and other difficult to reach areas directly. This dramatically reduces water wastage and cleaning downtime, without interfering with the processing area or product path."

Welded into appropriate positions on the outside of vessels, the recessed CW75 wash heads remain clear of rotating blades and scrapers while generating a powerful cone of fast moving, high impact droplets focused on target areas.

Like all Turbodisc wash heads, the CW75 is entirely self-cleaning.

"It features a 360° spray pattern inside a conical housing, which enables it to be entirely submerged in product and still be rinsed clean by the wash when in operation," said Cooper.

"It requires minimal maintenance and is designed to remain fixed and ready for operation on the outside of the tank. Should cleaning or maintenance ever prove necessary however, the simple clamp mechanism allows the CW75 to be easily disassembled."

The CW75 complies with the highest standards of hygiene for the food industry. Its surface finish is mechanically polished to 0.8 microns and the unit is available in 316/316L stainless steel, pure PTFE or Carbon-filled PTFE. Requiring a minimum flow of 100 L/min at 4 bar pressure, it has a throw length of 1 m and a wash circle 1 m in diameter at 1 m from the wash head. It connects with a 1” clamp ferrule at the CIP inlet and requires a 3" weld end where the cone housing meets the vessel.

"The Breconcherry CW75 solves the problem of cleaning hard to reach areas in agitators and ribbon mixers cheaply and efficiently," said Cooper.

"Our team enjoyed showing it to the many interested people at the recent Foodpro Exhibition at Darling Harbour. It was obvious to those who looked at the CW75 that it provides an innovative and unique solution to many of their difficult to reach cleaning problems."