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Consider re-working in the packaging process

Supplier: Packserv
02 August, 2011

Sometimes it's cheaper to re-work your containers when an error or production issue occurs with one or more of the packaging processes than start again from scratch.

Common problems causing manufacturers to re-work include:

  • Incorrect label information or positioning
  • Formulation issue of batch eg. wrong measurement of ingredients, incorrect technique or recipe procedure
  • Incorrect product in container eg. perfume, flavour or ingredients don't match up with product description
  • Requiring one or more parts only of the finished product for re-use eg. product, bottle or cap
  • Urgent requirement for volume size not in stock i.e. taking product from one size to fill another
  • Expiry of product and disposal of product

How It Works

  • Filling - sucking out the product by reversing the valve positions during the fill cycle enables the semi automatic bench-top or automated filling machine to draw the product out of the container into a holding vessel.
  • Capping - undoing caps removal can be achieved by fitting a reversible (or dual direction) air-motor to either a bench-top, automated capper or pumptite unit.
  • Container Handling - tables can be converted to rotate anti-clockwise and conveyors can be reversed to travel upstream.
  • Labelling - over-labelling using orientation is achieved by fitting a sensor to either a semi-automatic bench-top or automated labeller. The sensor looks at the container as it rotates or passes by. It picks up the eye-mark or features as it moves around and applies the new label in the desired location.

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