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Supplier: Brick Cages

Brick Cages revolutionary style of pallet lifting cage ensures the highest standard of on-site safety.

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Pallet lifting cage features:

Steel sides

The steel sides fully contain the load, thereby preventing materials falling from the cage. The steel sides also provide a smooth transition between the inside of the cage and the load. This smooth transition also applies between the outside of the cage and other fixtures or structural members while ascending or descending.

Centralising brushes (whiskers)

The cage self-centralizes around the pallet and the brushes are strong and flexible enough to prevent any gaps and to contain the load within the cage.

Safety cover bag

Safety cover bags are available on request. When the load on the pallet has been disturbed, the safety cover bag contains the load, preventing it from collapsing.

Engineered lifting lugs

The location of the engineered lifting lugs (crane lifting points) are designed to minimise manual handling hazards by reducing the angle radius of the lifting chains, making it easier to move the loaded cage into position.

Forklift slippers

Forklift Slippers are a large size to enable pick-up and delivery on uneven surfaces. It will be much easier than extracting or positioning the forklift tines through a pallet, especially in situations of limited vision.

Forklift securing chains

These are designed to prevent the cage slipping from a forklift accidentally, by securing the cage to a forklift or telehandler load gate.

Safety handrail

The safety handrail prevents hands or fingers from being crushed by providing a means of holding and manipulating the cage from the outside. This eliminates the need for hands or fingers to be placed in a pinch-point.

Load support bars (tines) with safety locking pins

The safety locking pins are designed to eliminate the need for the operator to disconnect pins from both ends of the cage.

Levelling stirrups

For operations on uneven surfaces, the Rough Terrain Pallet Lifting Cage has four pallet pick-up stirrups located at the bottom of the cage on two opposite sides. These stirrups drop automatically by the action of gravity to form a larger opening for the lifting pins/tines to slide through.


Signage is compliant with Australian Standard 1319 and is deliberately large to ensure clear legibility.

Cage colour scheme

The safety yellow colour of the cage provides maximum visibility and is the preferred colour choice for lifting attachments.

Log book

This is a detailed log book system that enables every user to view a history of inspection and maintenance.

Standard safety brick cage features:

  • Safety hand rail
  • Steel sides
  • Lifting pins/tines
  • Safety pin for lifting pins/tines
  • Whiskers/brushes
  • Log book

Deluxe safety brick cage features

  • The deluxe safety brick cage contains all the features of the standard cage
  • Stirrups
  • Safety guard
  • Forklift slippers
  • Forklift safety slip chain
  • Crane lifting points

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