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Container Handling Solution - Mobicon Mobile Container Handler

Supplier: Mobicon

A new straddle carrier type solution that solves your container handling requirements. The Mobicon is not a container forklift, but is used to replace a heavy forklift.

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The MOBICON provides an effective method for loading, unloading and maneuvering any 20 or 40 foot container without the use of expensive forklifts.

The MOBICON is especially effective in height and space restricted areas including warehouse environ-ments. The MOBICON is a reliable and safe way to cut your container handling costs today.

Overview of the Mibicon Mobile Container Handler

The Mobicon Mobile Container Handler has two independent lifting towers, connected by drawbars. When handling a container, the towers are coupled to the container.

Low Height

When carrying a container, the Mobicon will pass through a 3.8 metre high by 4.8 metre wide door opening. This will allow you to transport containers inside a warehouse, close to where goods are needed, improving productivity. With the container out of the weather, your freight is protected from rain damage.

Low Wheel Weight

Container forklifts have an axle loading of 50 tonnes or more and the pavement in most industrial estates is not suitable for carrying these loadings. The Mobicon has a wheel loading of only 6 tonnes when carrying a 26 tonne container. The Mobicon can operate on pavements where a forklift or straddle carrier cannot.

Low Operating Costs

The capital cost of a Mobicon is less than half of a comparable forklift. The unique and simple design and use of "off the shelf" quality components, result in low maintenance costs. The use of an efficient 60hp Deutz diesel engine, coupled to the hydraulic system, keeps the fuel costs down.


The Mobicon is designed to handle any length container, from 16' through to 62'. The Mobicon lifts the load from the bottom, which allows you to handle flat beds, tank containers and curtain sided containers. The "Two Tower" design provides Mobicon with the flexibility to operate on slightly sloping or uneven surfaces. Compacted gravel yards are also suitable for the Mobicon.


Simplicity in design, the use of quality components and excellent after sales support ensure very high machine reliability. Some owners report reliability rates as high as 99.5%.


The low centre of gravity makes the Mobicon extremely stable. There is no need to lift the container more than 300mm for traveling. The operator also has an excellent view of the operating area, as he does not have to look through the frame of the equipment as with a forklift.

Key benefits of the Mibicon Mobile Container Handler

The Mobicon will take your containers close to where you want them, even inside your warehouse. This saves travel time of your forklifts while unpacking or packing the container and the goods stay out of the weather.

The Mobicon operating cost is much less then a container forklift and the Mobicon will eliminate the cost of self loader trailers for pickup and delivery.

By loading and unloading your containers, you achieve a much faster “turn-around” time of the delivery truck/trailer. Transport costs are cut as the waiting time is reduced.

Carrying a 26 tonne container, the Mobicon has a wheel loading of only 6 tonnes. This is much less than a comparable forklift or the loading of a side loader support leg! The Mobicon will not damage your yard, as a forklift does!

Mobicon allows you to place the container on the ground quickly and safely for packing and unpacking. The low centre of gravity gives the machine maximum stability

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