Contents of Freezer at Meals on Wheels Saved by Hawk-Eye 800

Supplier: Wave Industries
22 November, 2018

On Monday 24th October 2016 at 8:36 PM, the Hawk-Eye 800 installed at Wollongong Meals on Wheels messaged the manager and the maintenance technician.

The notification said that the 4 Door Freezer was now paperless chart recorder and data loggerin alarm and needed attention.

The message received by both was as follows:

Wollongong MOW 4 Door Freezer HIGH Alarm 2 has tripped at -10 °C after 10 Minute

The maintenance technician went to site soon thereafter and found indeed that there was a fault with a thermostat switch which was meant to turn the freezer on. He was able to bypass the switch and get the system cooling while he replaced the switch.

The system confirmed the restoration of proper freezing at 12:43AM by sending the following message to the manager and the maintenance technician

Wollongong MOW 4 Door Freezer HIGH Alarm 2 has reset at -13 °C

Having early warning of the freezer problem allowed the Wollongong MOW to save some $1,500 worth of frozen food. Had they not known of the problem until the next morning, the entire contents of the freezer would have had to be discarded.

Comments by the Manager of Wollongong Meals on Wheels

I have been impressed with Hawk Eye data loggers and have found that they do have valuable information for safe Food Handling procedures, refrigeration maintenance and monitoring of refrigeration equipment."

Hawk Eye data loggers provide fast information updates to Staff and Maintenance technicians to safeguard & prevent refrigeration equipment breakdown and avoid costly loss of stock and/or Insurance company Excess fees.

Staff & technicians do need basic level of training to understand how the system operates and to set up action response plans”

Occasionally we come across organisations that have installed back to base alarms to detect their freezer and fridge failures. This is certainly an improvement over having no monitoring at all but one needs to also know how long the food has been above the desired temperature and the temperature profile before you can determine whether that food is safe to eat or not. The Hawk-Eye 800 with its live trending and reporting allows you to accurately determine whether the food has been saved or whether there was too long a delay in restoring the cooling