Continuous Heat Seal Film Lidding

Supplier: Confoil
27 May, 2009

A range of high performance heat seal lidding for ready made meals which combines excellent barrier properties with easy peel has been launched by Confoil. Aimed at small to mid size food manufacturers, Confoil's heat seal films offer, small roll lengths and minimum order quantities, reducing the financial outlay and excess inventory risk to these companies.

Confoil's rolls of continuous heat seal film specifications originate from the Dupont Mylar OL range of product and a variety of specifications are on offer. They include:

  • Two different thicknesses - 13um and 25um
  • Specifications with antifog properties
  • Specifications that have been corona treated for printing purposes
  • All films boast high clarity
  • Films are designed to be self venting
  • Suitable for dual ovenable applications (conventional & microwave)
  • Sealed at a wide range of temperatures. (Between 140 - 200 degree celcius)
  • All films offer freezer to oven convenience
  • All film specs offer peelable seals to a wide range of polars materials including; APET, CPET, PETG, polyester coated board, and PVC

Confoil's range of heat seal films are sold separately for independent applications or in conjunction with Confoil's range of pressed paperboard, dual ovenable trays, DUALPAK.

For further information on Confoil's range of heat seal films please call Confoil Customer Service on +61 3 8720 1900.