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Continuous Improvement - Kaizen

Supplier: Trilogiq Australia
27 November, 2008

The Japanese term Kaizen is defined as Continuous Improvement of an entire value stream or an individual process to create more value with less waste.

Continuous Improvement Kaizen is at the heart of any Lean production system. The Kaizen attitude is the company's driving force in the fight against Muda (Waste).

One of the first steps taken by the Lean Company is to introduce multidisciplinary teams (including operators) on the factory floor to help reduce waste. The Kaizen approach consists of making continuous user driven improvements as part of the fight against Muda.

The Kaizen attitude requires a willingness to accommodate permanent change. This means a daily hunt to eliminate Muda and a willingness to improve within the framework of a 3-stage process:

  • Identify the Muda (Waste)
  • Isolate it
  • Eliminate it.

Continual improvement means creating a standard work reference and then improving it continually. LeanTek is therefore a tool for implementing Kaizen.

Kaizen is in action in these workshops (See photo)

The minimum of space is being used and the transition to small containers has been made. The lines are in U-configuration and forklift trucks have been eliminated. The solutions of customized flow racks and front picking have also been implemented. Increasing production density requires logistics systems that are flexible enough to adapt to the existing environment in order, for example, to use the space between machines.

The aim is to produce more without investing in new production areas.

Kaizen and LeanTek facilitate the optimization of space, thus generating considerable savings and boosting the return on investment.

It is not simply by chance that companies setting up lean manufacturing have adopted Trilogiq's LeanTek tool. This tool is quickly implemented and it is possible to get started and put the idea into action very easily and rapidly. The versatility of LeanTek assists the introduction of Kaizen continuous improvement attitude. On every continent LeanTek's tubular system is recognised as the ideal tool for successfully introducing Continuous Improvement policy.