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Smart BMS building management system is an essential tool in fine tuning the internal operations of any building of any size. Smart BMS automates your buildings access control, time and attendance, air-conditioning, lighting, surveillance and security. Smart BMS not only eliminates headaches for managers, it also ensures that your building runs more efficiently, that it’s occupants are comfortable and that operator costs are minimised. Despite its sophistication, Smart BMS is so easy to use and operate! The system has been designed with the user in mind, by a team of software and security experts.

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Make your building smart with Smart BMS.

Smart BMS product features
Smart BMS is a Windows? based software program and is configured as a “dedicated client” or
in a web browser on your PC.

  • Access control
    Secure your door and elevator access with the choice of scrambling keypads, proximity readers,silicon keys, smartcards or biometric controls.
  • Environment Control
    A more comfortable working environment is encouraged through temperature and humidity control.
  • Plant Monitoring
    Integrate and monitor all your building elements including power systems, refrigeration systems, air conditioning, networks and digital recorders.
  • Security
    Protect and monitor your property with the use of movement sensors, electric fence controls and breaking glass and beam detection systems. The immediate location and status of each device is displayed on a graphical layout giving you the information to respond to problems without delay.
  • Surveillance
    Smart BMS combines your businesses video surveillance system with alarms.


Smart Advantages with Smart BMS

  • Integrated Management
    Smart BMS integrates all key building facilities into one, easy to use package controlled by your PC.Smart BMS visually represents the layout of your building, enabling you to see the status of your building at a glance. You will no longer have the time consuming, end of day tasks of turning off lights and locking doors. With Smart BMS you can set lights to automatically turn on and off and also lock and unlock doors at pre-set times. Time zones and area zones can also be set for authorised people, such as cleaners, to gain access between designated periods.
  • Cost Effective
    Centralising your buildings systems into Smart BMS is not only more convenient, but also a more cost effective solution. Controls can be centralised to a PC and password protection can avoid tampering by unauthorised staff. Smart BMS allows you to utilise your security resources, save time and run a more efficient business. Think your business is too small for a full building management system? Smart BMS modular design allows for components to be added as your business requirements change.
  • Energy Efficient Buildings
    Smart BMS lowers power output through technology advanced, utility controls. Lights are
    controlled through either time sets or light sensors, which automatically turn off lights when
    sufficient sunlight is detected. Air-conditioning, heating and fans can be controlled by time,
    temperature, occupancy or CO2 levels.
  • A Comfortable Working Environment
    Comfortable employees are more productive employees. Your building is made more comfortable through temperature and humidity controls. Ventilation systems are automatically controlled to adapt to the changing environment by opening dampers and adjusting fan speeds.
  • Full Audit Trail
    Keep full audit trails of Smart BMS system activities. Print up to the minute reports for better business decision making.
  • User Friendly
    Smart BMS has been designed with the user in mind. Simple graphical screens allow operators to easily view the status of the building, to change settings and to view reports.


SCL are an industry expert in complete Closed Circuit Television systems. We use the latest in digital technology solutions to view, record, play back and export video images to secure your business and property.

  • Simultaneous Playback, Recording and Archiving
    With SmartView you can search old footage, archive information, produce reports and continue recording all at the same time. Motion activated cameras reduce the amount of storage space needed and the latest DVR technology allows hard drives to be added as required.
  • Observation and Monitoring
    SmartView can be used as a management tool to study and evaluate current business procedures and ensure full business productivity. Retail outlets can focus on “hot spots”, where merchandise is commonly being stolen, by setting perimeters around individual items.
  • Remote Access
    SCL can design systems that give you full remote access to your SmartView CCTV system. Have the flexibility to view images from your PC or even control cameras from your PDA.
  • Quality Cameras
    Forget about grainy and unclear images of the past. Our cameras have outstanding image quality. SCL offer the latest in camera technology including Pan-Tilt-Zoom, domes and fixed cameras. From identifying a cars number plate in the dark, to recognising faces as they walk through your front door - SCL has the right camera for your business.

Smart Viewing Advantages with SmartView

  • View production and analyse practices within your organisation.
  • Reduce crime and detect internal theft.
  • Obtain valuable prosecution evidence.
  • Make staff feel safe and more secure.
  • Simultaneous playback, recording and archiving,
  • Remote Access abilities.
  • Image search and instant playback capabilities.

Talk to us about our Leasing Option
SCL make CCTV Systems more affordable with easy leasing options, enabling your company to make simple weekly payments rather than an initial lump sum. Please your accountant by expensing your purchase rather than capitalising as an asset.

Full servicing can easily be incorporated in a single weekly payment to cover all business security needs.

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