Conventional Data Loggers vs The Hawk-Eye 800

Supplier: Wave Industries
22 November, 2018

Standard data loggers allow you to record process variables, date-time stamp the records and then store that information for later retrieval.

The values being stored at the time could indicate a HACCP food safety or other problem such as a temperature that is out of specification, but the simple data logger is unable to warn you of that impending problem and the potentially disastrous consequences.

In fact, if you think about it, a simple data logger can provide you with a false sense of security. Because you only know the full history of the process being monitored, there could be a serious safety problem that you might not know about until months later when the data is retrieved and analysed.

Consider this scenario: Your truck carrying frozen prawns has a refrigeration problem and unbeknown to you or the customer, the cargo thaws out and is at 30oC for several hours while the truck’s refrigeration system is being repaired. Once the refrigeration system is working, the product rapidly freezes again and is then safely transported to its destination where the receiver notes the temperature is -18oC and accepts the product.

Some months later an investigation is held to discover why several people died from food poisoning after eating seafood delivered by your truck and the logger records are retrieved. The records reveal that the product should have been discarded but because its complete temperature history was not known, the product was passed.

Compare that to the following scenario using the Wave Industries Hawkeye 800.

The values of all 8 inputs are displayed and also graphed in real time. You can quickly observe the history of each input in 8 user-definable time frames such as last 5 minutes, last 30 minutes, last 24 hours etc. In addition, each input has two alarm points which turn red and activate a relay when any trip condition occurs. That trip relay can sound a buzzer in the truck cabin, alerting the driver to the problem. Furthermore, the logger will email a detailed and meaningful alarm message via the 3G/4G networks to as many recipients as need to know as soon as the condition occurs.

With its real time reporting and warnings, the Hawkeye 800 ensures that the data you log for will not contain any nasty surprises when later retrieved.

The Hawkeye 800 data logger is designed and manufactured in Riverwood New South Wales by Wave Industries Pty Ltd and fully supported by a network of skilled and knowledgeable local agents.