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Conveyer counter-weight tower straightened by Uretek

Supplier: Mainmark
06 October, 2011

At Glennies Creek Coal mine in The Hunter, a tower housing the conveyer system counter-weight lost ground support and begun to lean.

This problem was due to saturation of the foundation ground, which was predominantly uncontrolled fill. So the Engineering Management called the Uretek team.

Uretek multi-component structural resins were injected at between 2 and 3 metre depths into the ground beneath the tower footings. The resins expanded forcing water away, filling voids and compacting the ground.

Carefully monitored by lasers, injection was continued under the low side of the tower footings. Strong expansion forces lifted the footings a fraction of a millimeter at a time until the tower came precisely back to its original vertical position.

There was no excavation and no structural elements had to be replaced. The whole operation took only two days, so there was minimal down-time.

"Uretek can often substantially reduce major closure or down time and fix OH&S issues caused by moving and sunken structures," stated Tom Bailey, Uretek’s Senior Mines Project Manager. 

"The process is rapid but is constantly monitored by laser for precision, and the material is environmentally inert."

"Uretek presents strong cost-benefits for mining companies experiencing problems with conveyors, re-claimer rails, machinery bases and driveways," Bailey concluded.

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