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Cool cows produce more milk

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

One of Australia's largest dairy companies has implemented a simple but effective solution to maintain an optimum comfort level for its cows during the hotter months of the year.

Leppington Pastoral Company, with more than 2000 cows, has installed nearly 500 Fanquip utility air circulators over its feeding pens to work in conjunction with sprinkler systems to keep the cattle cool.

The result, says Ron Perich of Leppington Pastoral Company, is the cows feel more comfortable and are prompted to eat more and thus produce more milk.

Each of the holding sheds for the cows are 360m long, with one fan installed every three metres above the perimeter guard rail. Operated by thermostat, these utility fans are switched on when the temperature reaches 22°C to provide a breeze for the cow.

Once the holding shed air temperature reaches 25°C, a water spray line activates and works for two minute spells by showering the cows with water. With the fans still operating, all the water is evaporated from the cows to provide a heat exchange effect that cools their bodies and retains comfort levels.

Although this primary industry cooling method is based on an American model, all utility fans and associated technology was engineered, manufactured and installed by Australian company Fanquip.

With a large 810mm diameter, each fan is capable of high circulation output to make them effective even in the open range sheds at a dairy farm.

Fanquip air circulators are manufactured in many diameters ranging from 460mm through to 810mm, with motor speeds of 720rpm - 1440rpm.

Voltage selection is single-phase 240V or three-phase 415V. At high speed, depending on the diameter and motor power selected, air volume output ranges from 3000L/sec through 17,000L/sec.

The units are just as effective in applications in the agricultural, poultry and horticulture industries.