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Core Features

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OUTLOOK® INTEGRATION One of the most popular features of IPM Project Management is that it integrates within Microsoft outlook®.

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The integration allows users to remain within a familiar and user friendly environment that is both flexible and easy to access. 

Whenever you open Microsoft Outlook® you gain quick and simple access to the IPM features that you need and use on a daily basis. This allows users are able to stay within a single program to manage their projects, emails, and calendar items.
Access IPM from inside the program that project teams spend the majority of their time in.
  • Allows users to stay within the same program
  • Reduces training times due to familiar environment
  • View email communications linked to project items
  • Puts IPM in front of users where they spend most of their time
IPM is powered by the Microsoft Dynamics® environment. This ensures the application can access people and company data to support and enhance project management features. Through this integration, IPM provides full CRM functionality, using contact information to support the document and contract control process.
Instead of relying on disparate systems, IPM lets you operate within a single program framework, promoting ease of use and efficiency, as well as reducing errors from double-entry. Microsoft Dynamics® adds the tools you need to track activity with subcontractors, business partners and prospects, and helps to provide a 360-degree view of all interactions within a single solution.
  • Improved communication history around the project documents as a result of the automatic filing process
  • Lower cost of ownership resulting from simple processes to create workflows without external consultants
  • Lower cost of ownership resulting from simple report designer tools reducing the need for external consultants
  • Better access to data due to Microsoft Dynamics's® range of deployment options including a detached option for disconnected sites
Workflows are a standard feature of the underlying framework and enable users to automate and customise their use of IPM. They are a flexible, easy to use tool that can be created by users with appropriate security access level and used to automate the entire organization's processes as a whole, or each individual user's interactions. 
With the ability to seamlessly automate day to day tasks workflows are invaluable for today's busy project manager. As an example use your own custom workflows to automate and simplify the processes of approving purchase orders or monitoring meeting minute items to ensure they are addressed on time and identifying issues on site and converting them into change orders.
This example shows how, by using IPM Workflows, an Issue that arises on site can be converted into a Change Order automatically, and all from within the one environment. 
  • Create a framework of automated processes to save time, ensure correct procedure and simplify everyday project management processes
  • Automate the entire organisation's processes as a whole, or each individual user's interactions
  • Remove the errors in complex project management processes by keeping everything on a set path that has been personalized for each company
IPM Dashboard allows each user to create their own individual interface, offering easy access to personalised information about such things as overdue RFIs, outstanding price requests and open change requests. The user can chose to view their IPM content either in list format or be presented graphically with the ability customise the order and layout.
The dashboard will certainly reduce the number of notifications that need to be delivered by email by putting all the important content in the one place. The content is active, not just a static report, which means that any problematic documents that need to be examined in further detail can be opened directly from the dashboard lists.
Customise the way you view IPM with the new Dashboard feature that allows you to create your own individual interface to access the features you use quickly and easily.
  • Each user can customise the way they view IPM to make it more efficient to their needs
  • Reduce the number of notifications that need to be delivered by email by putting all the important content in the same screen
  • All IPM documents that need to be examined in further detail can be opened directly from the dashboard