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Coremo expands through Australian Brake Controls

Supplier: Air Springs Supply
17 September, 2012

One of the world's leading manufacturers of specialist industrial brakes and clutches, Coremo Ocmea, is expanding its activities in Australia through distribution of its products by one of this country's most experienced specialist heavy brake companies, Australian Brake Controls (ABC).

Coremo Ocmea has more than 50 years experience in manufacturing brakes and clutches for industrial marine, oil and gas, mining and theatrical stage applications, with its products featuring in robust and reliable precision equipment ranging from conveyors, packaging lines and mining draglines to lifting systems, tension controls and hoists.

ABC Industrial Brakes Division Engineer and Designer, Gerry Lewis, says one of the major product lines to benefit from Australian Brake Control's complete engineered braking solutions will be Coremo hydraulic spring-applied failsafe brakes, used in bulk material conveyors on main drives, pulleys and take-up winches.

These brakes feature established Coremo strengths — such as reliability, easy use and maintenance, long life and competitive price — coupled with expanded availability through ABC, which itself offers a wealth of specification, design and installation experience built up since 1987.

"Coremo hydraulic spring-applied brakes are robustly protected against corrosion in the most extreme resources environments, yet supply high braking force within a very compact width of the brake body to ensure easy installation, even when space is limited," Lewis said.

"Another practical advantage is that replacement of main wear parts (pads, seals and springs) is quick and easy. The braking load is not transmitted to the piston and seals, ensuring long life for these components.

"Reliability is further enhanced by proximity switches and pad wear indicators to ensure proper monitoring of the brake," Lewis said.

"The friction pad surface is properly sized to ensure high heat dissipation in gradual stops of the conveyor."

ABC Industrial Brakes' team focuses on industries such as mining and resources — including dragline, coal conveyor and crushing mill production and maintenance — overhead cranes and lifting machinery, paper manufacturing and converting machinery, quarries, and road and rail transport equipment. 

Lewis has also been involved in the training of engineering staff and working with such staff in understanding engineering issues relating to particular sites and producing solutions tailored to unique needs.

ABC's strength in industrial braking systems is in the provision of complete engineered braking solutions as the central area of its business — rather than being just a component supplier involved in many ranges of different products, of which industrial brakes are just one.

ABC's Industrial Brakes Division is broadly experienced in the application of global technologies such as Coremo caliper brakes and also of W. C. Branham Inc solutions in motion control.

Coremo products have been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1994, updated according to Vision 2000, and also feature certifications for the supply of brakes in military applications (NATO) and explosion-proof environments (ATEX).