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Cost Effective Thinking

Supplier: Packserv
12 May, 2009

Spending your financial resources on equipment designed to package your product may be unnecessary. Many new manufacturers have the misconception that to package orders (large or small) you either do it all by hand, engage a contract packer or purchase expensive machinery. The following short story may sound familiar to you;

"By Pure Pleasure manufactures a skin treatment range made from Himalayan & Dead Sea Salt infused with a unique blend of essential oils. Previously the 'factory' was the kitchen/dining room of an apartment where all the ingredients were mixed and each jar was hand filled.

This process (obviously) was both time consuming and limited in the number of jars able to be filled. Labels were printed by an ink jet printer on clear stock with the promise that the labels would be both waterproof and oil resistant. Neither of these promises was kept and so we were applying dodgy labels by hand. As sales grew the amount of time needed to produce the number of jars required to fill the ever increasing orders became prohibitive. A cost effective alternative had to be found quickly so we asked our packaging suppliers for suggestions.

Their only suggestion was to contact Nathan Wardell at Packsery Australia. Our first visit to Nathan was certainly an eye-opening experience. He showed us how we would be able to fill, seal, label (both waterproof and oil resistant) and cap more product in a day than we would have previously done in a month. This meant we were able to confidently grow our business, safe in the knowledge that we could fill all new orders both domestic and export.

We don't have to invest in a large stock holding in order to be prepared for possible future orders from distributors. Receiving a very large export order is no longer a problem. We are now able to promise delivery within a week whereas before it could take 3-4 weeks and we had to employ staff to help manufacture which reduced profitability.

In these uncertain economic times, it is very reassuring that there is a cost effective, time and effort saving way for small, medium and large businesses to bypass the need to employ extra staff and save money. This leaves us in total control of our budget, product wastage and resources. We will certainly be continuing to utilise Packsery Australia."

Streamline Your Production & Reduce Your Budget

Packsery has a production streamline evaluation service which provides advice on the way you can improve your production output. Often a change in 'set-up' or type of packaging and machinery will greatly improve and streamline production output and budget. This normally would not increase the cost of production but rather decrease it.

Tip of the Month

  • If you answer "yes" to any of the points below then hiring your packaging machinery will benefit our business;
  • Is your business in its start up phase
  • Do you need to take the time to assess hat equipment is essential to
  • purchase for your needs
  • Do you need to trial different types of equipment before considering
  • purchasing
  • Your product requires specialised odifications or custom accessories
  • You only have short term requirements
  • You need to reserve your capital
  • You prefer the comfort of back up machinery and technical support