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Cost Sales Focus

Supplier: Industrial Sales Training

A subject that goes largely unmentioned at budget time is the cost to sales budget, this is the money spent by sales people in the pursuit of the business earned.

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Cost Sales Focus

Sales people generally have a budget level applied to hotel rooms, meals, car hire, company vehicles driven etc. This will then form part of the overhead which is maintained through the company expense allocations. In the meantime our sales teams go about the business of making themselves the natural enemy of the financial controller as they obliviously rack up the expense account.

What if the sales person had a cost to sales budget that ran parallel to the sales budget. A bonus can be paid against maintaining the budgeted numbers in pursuit of business earned. This is earned if and only when the target sales figure are met. This addresses run away expense accounts and can be as simple as an agreed expense verses sales percentage.

Well good news, Industrial Sales Training can assist you by adding this feature into the Super 7 Sales Reporting Format.