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Councils Compliance Audits / Inspections

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Compliance is an issue all councils face.

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With the introduction of new compliance and inspection requirements, such as the road and footpath inspection regimes mandated by amendments to the Road Management Act, Councils need robust systems to manage their inspections.

CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, is a handheld compliance management system used for any type of inspection, audit, survey, or checklist.

CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, is functional on a handheld device (PDA) which allows for data collection and processing at geographically dispersed sites such as parks or facilities.

We believe CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, can assist in the following City Council inspections and audits:

  • Roadside conservation
  • Land management
  • Swimming pool inspections
  • Public facility cleaning inspections
  • Planning enforcement
  • Public housing Inspections
  • Road maintenance & cleaning
    • Quality/performance audits,
    • road management inspections,
    • Digital reporting system
  • Contractor Performance Management
  • Council property inspections
  • Footpath Auditing
  • Street lighting
  • Parks & Gardens
    • Site audits,
    •  Assest mapping,
    •  Street tree
  • Local Law enforcement
  • Health services
    • Food safety compliance
    • Food premises inspections
    • Septic mapping
  • Playground & Play Equipment Inspections

CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, supports any existing forms and templates required to ensure regulatory compliance.

CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, can also manage the inspection regime, from scheduling audits according to the regulatory requirement (eg every 3 or 6 months). The solution can even send scheduled and overdue reminders by SMS and Email to remind people of their scheduled work.

All the information is then collated on the desktop/server based management system for administration and reporting. In this manner, CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, will simplify compliance for councils.

Example: Council Property Inspections

A standard Property Inspection Template could be setup within CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, and then used for all, or all appropriate property inspections. If different properties have different inspection requirements (ie frequency/criteria/inspector), this can also be managed.

Once the template is within the system, it can be used to perform as many inspections as required - either on an ad hoc basis, or according to a predefined inspection scheduled (eg annually).

The inspectors could then perform the inspection, recording information on their handheld devices including:

  • Attaching photos or audit files to any defects, or non compliances, recorded.
  • Creating work orders, assigning responsibilities and due dates if required.
  • Capture GPS information to locate a non compliance.
  • View reference material such as Council policies or regulations on the handheld device whilst performing the inspection, instead of carrying reams of paper, or needing to return to the office to find the appropriate policy.
  • Email or fax a completed Property Inspection Report from the handheld device to the property manager upon completion of the inspection.

Once the information has been collected on the handheld devices, the information can be synchronized either via Wifi or GPRS, or simply via a cradle connected to a PC into the management system.

From the management system, the Council would have the ability to review, administer and report on an historical audit and work register.

We believe that CMO COMPLIANCE, the Cost Reduction System, can assist councils by:

  • Increasing Audit Effectiveness
  • Reducing Operating Costs
  • Increases quality of operations and health and safety
  • Reduces risk
  • Provides Auditors with critical information where they need it: When auditing
  • Provides an always available application that works with or without a wireless connection
  • Intuitive Navigation that requires little or no training
  • Reduction in data entry personnel

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