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Course features for optimal learning

Supplier: WebRail
08 March, 2010

Most courses will have optional pre-tests to enable participants to demonstrate prior knowledge.

If a pre-test is passed, participants will be treated as having completed the on-line theory learning.

Where there are designated workplace activities, assignments, mentoring processes or special assessments, these designated activities will still need to be successfully completed prior to gaining a pass. Although a pass can be gained and recorded, no certificate will be issued where pre tests have been used.

Embedded tests
Most courses have compulsory embedded tests. Embedded tests ensure learning has taken place at that time and may loop a learner back to revise learning where necessary.

Post tests
Most courses have compulsory post tests to assess participants as they exit the theory component. Successfully completing a post test, combined with any required designated activities, will lead to the formal issue of a Certificate of Achievement. This certificate can be used within your accredited training systems.

Engaging content and methods
We have strived to build the most engaging courses that will motivate participants to want to learn. We have developed a resource-rich environment including extensive animations, media, interactive content, etc to elicit the highest levels of motivation and engage the participant throughout their learning journey.

On-line rail community
Our courses provide extensive opportunities to interact with other learners and with experienced rail personnel around the globe. This on-line rail community is a valuable asset in the learning process.

On-line support and activities
Whilst all courses provide e-mail interaction with our training staff, some courses have additional interactions such as webinars, blogs, tutorials, intensives and a host of activities to support participant learning.

On the job activities
Courses above basic level have a workplace activity to ensure that participants are able to perform the associated skills. These will require some sort of sign-off depending on the nature of the course. The course descriptors will specify these requirements to participants in advance.