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Covetek | Biometric 3D Fingerprint Security Access


Covetek is the local business partner of Aimgene Technology Co Ltd who manufactures a world leading range of Biometric 3D fingerprint security access products, incorporating their patented scanning technology.

Covetek have the exclusive Australasian distributorship for these superior quality high tech products, with manufacturer-to-you affordability. Covetek is committed to informing the market of the convenience and security of true keyless entry systems and to providing full local support.

This "touch & go" technology is now applied to devices such as door locks, time and attendance systems for the work place, fingerprint authorisation access for IT products and media devices.

Four years of research and development by Aimgene resulted in an advanced 3D semi conductor chip sensor. This sensor is acknowledged by all experts to be the most efficient and reliable sensor available, compared to 2-D optical sensors that have a high rejection rate.

This futuristic technology by Aimgene has resulted in substantial contracts by Asian military forces and corporations around the world, including some of the biggest IT manufacturers/distributors.

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Why Biometrics?

Biometrics guarantees that you are who you say you are. No-one else can use your Fingerprints or Face scan because they are unique to you.

Other access systems all have the fatal flaw that whoever has possession of the entry device (eg:key,card,fob,password,remote) will be granted entry, even if they are not authorised. There are also on-going costs and inconvenience associated with having to replace such entry devices.

Biometrics is the only choice if you are serious about security, convenience and cost saving.

Why Covetek Biometric products?

We have done all the hard work for you. As biometric specialists, our mission is to source and fully support the world's best products at Manufacturer-to-you prices.

We now offer this superior technology for both consumer and commercial applications.

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