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CPU-Based Control & Switching System - V1422 NOVA™

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The NOVA V1422 CPU-based Control and Switching System puts the massive power of the big NOVA digital control systems into a compact package for small systems, and it adds many new features.

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The V1422 is a self-contained, full-featured digital control system and matrix switcher for systems with up to 32 camera inputs and 8 monitor outputs. It includes ProTech Graphic Configurator Software.

The V1422 may be operated by its own built-in keypad or by eight external V1300X-RVC, V1300X-DVC or V1411X-DVC series keypads, by a V1400X-DVC-3 System Console, by a PC network of up to eight stations or by a host computer over an RS-232 interface. V1300X-RVC, V1300X-DVC, V1400XDVC- 3 and PCs may be mixed.

The host computer interface permits control of all system functions. An additional RS-232 port provides an output to a printer for printing alarm incident records. Manual and sequential switching options are supported, including ascending order and random order switching.

Full camera-monitor partitioning and up to 256 timed events may be programmed. Default camera-monitor assignments or a default tour may be programmed for power-on system startup after a power outage.

Switching modes also include salvo or zone switching and sequencing salvos, with up to eight camera-monitor pairs per salvo. These may be selected manually or automatically. Salvos may be called up manually or by alarm. Each salvo can have a unique combination of camera, monitor, and preset position.

Another standard feature of the V1422 is the most extensive toursequence support available anywhere. Up to 64 pan/tilt and video guard-tour sequences of 32 steps each may be programmed. Up to eight tours may run concurrently (one per monitor). Each tour step includes an assigned preset position with variable solve speed and variable dwell time. Salvo tours may also be programmed.

Tours may also be programmed to start automatically at a particular time every day or on specific days. Tours may be manually interrupted and resumed, or they may be interrupted by an alarm input and resume when the alarm is acknowledged. Multiple tours may be chained together, and tours may also be looped, that is set so that the tour restarts automatically when the last step is completed.

The V1422 supports nine operator keypads, one built-in and eight remotes. Up to 64 users may be passcoded through the V1422 to use the system, each user being able to access from one to nine keypads. A user may be active on only one keypad at a time, and each keypad may be assigned a unique priority level.

The V1422 accepts both NOVA (VPS) and Vicoax receivers. NOVA receivers communicate with the V1422 using RS-422 mode through a D-shell connector on the rear panel. Vicoax receivers use coaxial cabling for both video and control data, which provides a method of reducing cabling costs.

Alarm operation includes 64 alarm inputs, 32 via a built-in interface and 32 via receivers. Up to eight monitors may be assigned as alarm monitors. Programs include independent alarm stacks per monitor or a common stack (salvo alarms). Priority may be first-in, first-out (FIFO) or priority based on camera input number.

Sequencing alarms with adjustable dwell is also provided. Acknowledgment may be manual or automatic, with adjustable dwell, and each monitor may be programmed to restore the prealarm state, to go blank, or not to change upon acknowledgment of an alarm. An RS-232 serial port is provided to allow an alarm log to be printed. Alarms are printed automatically.

  • Multiple switching programs
  • 32 direct alarm programs, including salvos
  • Independent alarm programs for each monitor
  • Built-in control panel
  • Extensive titling capability
  • Built-in diagnostic tests

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