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Craft Stone

Craft Stone | Stone for Design & Building

Craft Stone

Capturing the appeal and essence of natural stone, CraftStone brings the beauty and appeal of stone into any design or building which cannot be matched or achieved by any other building material.

Our main products are: Mountain Ledgestone, Vintage Ledgestone, Quarry Stone, River Rock, Vintage Ledgestone, Stacked Ledgestone, Sandstone, Grande Castle Stone, Weathered Ledgestone, Vintage Ledgestone, Medieval Castle Stone and Vintage Ledgestone.

The simplicity and elegance of CraftStone enables you to enjoy the unique feeling and homely ambience of nature, providing wide design space and imagination for each individual.

In every prospect, CraftStone product lends stature and a sense of permanence, turning what might have been an ordinary space into a remarkable designer show piece.

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CraftStone products carry a 25-year limited warranty when used on structures that conform to local building codes and installed according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Warranty is limited to replacement of defective materials only. Damages resulting from building settlement, wall movement, force contact, contact with chemicals or paint, discoloration due to airborne contamination, staining or oxidation, will not be covered under the warranty.

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