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Cranes for trucking company

Supplier: Safetech
29 November, 2011

A regional provider of truck transmissions, rear differentials and steering components was building a new facility for their transmission assembly.

With several existing buildings and a variety of applications, the company had experience with several overhead lifting solutions.
The Problem

In other buildings workers were using an I-Beam crane to move transmissions that weigh from 50-500 kgs in a final testing area. "It was wearing our people down," said the Production Manager. "They were too much effort. "

When it was time to specify a lifting solution for their new building, the company knew that Gorbel was the best choice.

"In this business, you need an overhead crane, and in our experience, Gorbel is the best," said the Production Manager.

Gorbel Workstation Cranes can help you reach the typical ergonomic goal in material handling: Allowing a task to be performed by 90 percent of your workers.

Our ergonomic study, conducted by Rochester Institute of Technology, shows that less than 10 percent of men can safely handle a 2,000-kg. load on a manual I- beam crane, but more than 99 percent can do so on a Gorbel Work Station Crane.

The Solution

A Gorbel ceiling mounted work station crane with 2 tonne capacity runways and multiple 500 kg capacity bridges. The system was designed to cover not only the testing cells, but several other work cells on that side of the building.

"Of all the cranes we own, the Gorbel cranes are the premium," said the Production Manager. "The people who use the Gorbel cranes get spoiled. If we have to temporarily pull someone in from another building where they still use I-beams and let them use a Gorbel crane for a little while, they don’t want to go back."