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Cranes solves printers handling problem

Supplier: Safetech
01 December, 2011

Heavy print rollers at Lithographic, a commercial printer were being manouvered by one person.


Lifting, changing, and moving print rollers weighing 30 kgs. The work area serves two twin printing presses with a 5 M. wide aisle between presses.

Gorbel Solution

A Ceiling Mounted Work Station Crane with an aluminum bridge was chosen to serve the two work cells. It was a GLCSLX500/250-15AL-34 with a chain hoist and custom mechanical roll lifting device.

The Problem

  • High risk of injury because loads were lifted up and away from the body.
  • Manual lifting was causing damage to the print rollers.
  • Why Gorbel Was The Smart Solution
  • The workers in the cells are thrilled with the crane system. It covers both work areas without taking up floor space and they no longer have to manually lift the heavy print rollers, saving their backs from injury. There has also been a decrease in the amount of damaged product.