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Create an effective visual deterrent to mishandling

Supplier: Shockwatch
13 April, 2010

You certainly can't watch your equipment 24 hours a day. Fortunately, ShockWatch can.

Whenever and wherever costly incidents may occur, our Equipment Monitors provide an around-the-clock, on-site presence that encourages accountability and prevents misuse.

If an event does occur, ShockWatch Monitors record and store the details. You decide whether to receive instant notification of the event, or retrieve the data later. Either way, the event information is readily available for on-demand reporting and cost analysis.

ShockWatch's range of Equipment Monitor products makes it easy to find the right type of damage prevention solution for your needs. Selected monitors feature our proprietary software for accurate and timely data collection and analysis.

ShockWatch's on-site presence deters mishandling, and the recording and notification capabilities identify mishandling when it does occur. That's how ShockWatch Equipment Monitors help you reduce costs by preventing damage and misuse.

Why does a facility like yours need equipment monitoring?
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