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Creditors Management Software for Businesses

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The Creditors System is designed with the following goals in mind: To provide full control over amounts owing to your Creditors, to provide full control over amounts paid to your Creditors, to provide detailed information to be used in Cash Flow Projections, to simplify the preparation of your Financial Statements and to provide the most efficient and easy-to-use means of controlling your Creditors.

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The Creditors System will minimise the amount of keystrokes required, ensuring efficiency, allowing for flexibility, thus catering for various styles of business.

The Creditors System can be as detailed or as summarised as you make it. Used in conjunction with facilities like Cheque Printing and Electronic Funds Transfer, your monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments are made simple. However, users are not limited to terms such as these - terms are wholly defined by the user.


  • Outstanding invoices are held within the system in full Open Item format, with visibility of the original invoice value being maintained after it has been partially or fully paid off.
  • Data entry is performed through Purchase Journal Entry.
  • Allocation to the respective expense account is made at the point of entry.
  • The Due Date for each invoice is calculated at the point of entry. This due date is based on the terms allowed by the Supplier.
  • A Due Date for an invoice can be changed at any time, thus allowing for extended credit on some invoices.
  • A Purchase Journal may be printed at any time during the course of the month, showing totals entered as well as the dissection into the relevant General Ledger accounts.
  • The Creditors System is fully compatible with Banking Institutions PC Software. These include On-Line, Desk Bank, etc.
  • Creditors may be individually flagged so that payments may be made either manually (ie by hand written cheque) or automatically (ie by printed cheque or electronic funds transfer, direct to the Supplier Bank Account).
  • The Creditor Enquiry function gives instant access to all details of a Creditors account.
  • Drill Down options enable users to view transactions as they were at the point of entry.
  • Detailed reports such as Aged Trail Balances may be printed at any time, either in detailed or summary format.
  • Such reports may also be produced for the whole of the ledger or for a selected part of it, and of course for any chosen month.


  • Increased control of creditors.
  • Accounts Payable staff are more informed.
  • Increases efficiency in processing information.
  • Minimise user errors with automated payments.
  • Quick and efficient enquiry screens.
  • Saves time when looking up outstanding invoices.
  • Business is more professional.
  • More reliable cash flow planning.
  • Increases businesses knowledge of creditors.
  • Faster handling of creditor enquiries.
  • Reduced handling with Information flowing directly to General Ledger.