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Cryopumps & Compressors

Supplier: AVT Services

AVT are the agents for CTI-Cryogenics who provide quality cryopumps and compressors for scientific and R&D applications.

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Cryo-Torr® Cryopumps

  • CTI-Cryogenics' original cryogenic high-vacuum pump
  • Dependable bottom-line performance
  • Add your own customized controls and supporting peripherals
  • Backed by legendary Helix service and support, worldwide

Cryo-Torr Cryopumps provide clean, reliable, high speed pumping for critical vacuum process applications. They are dependable, with fast, easy maintenance, low operating cost, and reliable customer support -- wherever you need it.

On-Board® Cryopumps

  • CTI-Cryogenics' pioneering cryopumps with fully integrated controls and supporting peripherals speeds integration and system operation
  • Consistent process performance
  • Higher tool productivity via significantly increased cryopump uptime
  • Regenerates in half to one-third the time of a typical Cryo-Torr® cryopump application
  • Fast Regen™ capability extends cryopump performance between regenerations
  • Simultaneous regeneration capability, enabled by networking your cryopumps, speeds overall system regeneration, increasing tool uptime
  • GOLDLink® compatible for productivity protection 24/7, worldwide
  • Backed by legendary Helix service and support, worldwide

On-Board cryogenic vacuum pumps incorporate embedded microprocessor control to enhance performance, perform diagnostic routines and provide communication capability. On-Board solutions include sophisticated software and easy-to-use graphical user interfaces to significantly improve the performance and operation of the cryopump. Today, the On-Board Cryopump is the standard of the world for reliability and performance.


The 8200 Compressor is designed to provide optimum performance with On-Board Cryopumps, On-Board Waterpumps and Cryo-Torr Cryopumps. It supports all pumps up to eight inches in size and is designed for flexibility, allowing you to locate the compressor wherever it is most convenient for your system operation.

The 9600 Compressor is designed expressly for long usable life, high reliability, and easy use. It provides outstanding performance with all Cryo-Torr Cryopumps, On-Board Cryopumps, On-Board Waterpumps, and On-Board TurboPlus Vacuum Pumps. The 9600 supports both single- and grouped-pump configurations and it is compatible with new and existing CTI-Cryogenics pumping installations worldwide.

The 9700A Compressor is based on Helix Technology's 9600 Compressor platform for highest reliability in cryopump compressor technology. With increased helium output, the 9700A Compressor is ideal for operating multiple cryopumps.

In many multiple cryopump and waterpump applications, one 9700A Compressor provides a single compressor solution. The 9700A Compressor reduces power consumption, water distribution and footprint when compared to multiple compressor applications. The 9700A Compressor is compatible with Cryo-Torr® and On-Board® Cryopumps.

An integrated cryopump power frequency converter assures maximum cryopump performance in both 50 and 60 Hz applications for all Helix vacuum pumps.