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We offer an Extensive Range of Reports which have been written and also we customise any reports to suite your needs. A few examples is listed below:

Price Guide: POA

Bill of Materials

- Report that lists finished products with sub assemblies.


- Creditors outstanding orders report to show only orders that have outstanding deliveries and exclude those full delivered with an outstanding invoice.


  • Agents commission report.
  • Customer group report with summary totals by product group.
  • Customer invoices report.
  • Driver run summary report orders by track and run.
  • Outstanding orders report modified for Excel export.
  • Print tagged quotes.
  • Printed sorted invoices report with specific sort criteria for tracks.
  • Product sales by customer with totals for products.
  • Print estimated sales for a date range.
  • Outstanding debtors orders that have been issued but not yet invoiced.
  • Sales analysis report updated to include inventory remark, sort code and production description plus analysis code.
  • Sales analysis report which lists by branch and not head office.
  • Sales orders report by sales analysis code.
  • Summary sales report by customer group name by product name with quantity and dollars for mtd and ytd.
  • Work orders for a product range by product.
  • Customer sales and payout collection analysis.
  • -Sales order versus sales budget summary.

General Ledger

  • Chart of accounts with selection by department.
  • Consolidated general ledger function to consolidate selected companies and print reports for profit and loss and balance sheet.
  • Department profit and loss.
  • Financial budgets in a P&L layout followed by a secondary page of balance sheet.
  • Listing budget vs actual for MTD & YTD.
  • Operating statement to print YTD and Quarterley figures.
  • Profit & Loss statement that puts the cost of goods sold as one line and details the expenses for this in a summary at the end of the report.
  • Report to show consolidated profit & loss based on actuals.
  • Sales report with totals by products for GL account reconciliations.
  • Profit & Loss report showing up to 3 departments across the page plus variances to budget.


  • Customer list with aged balances selected on customers.
  • Inventory exceptions to include and check for stock with an average cost greater than 20% higher than last in cost. This excludes items of cost less than $1.
  • Inventory gross profit and sale report edited to report on by location.
  • Inventory list report by variety with on-hand figures and equivelant tonnes.
  • Inventory movement report to include totals for overall values.
  • Inventory report to allow the number of inactive periods plus a group range.
  • List of overstocked products.
  • Inventory that have negative stock qty for total or location.
  • Report which highlights gross margins on inventory that fall below a specified margin against last cost or average cost.
  • Supply chain report combines supplier orders, stock on hand and sales figures.
  • Supply schedule to average usage based on a parameter entered at report time. Change the quantity used per year to be used for the selected period.
  • Stock movements by inventory sort code by product. Quantities ONLY.

Job Cost

  • Cost analysis by type report.
  • Job cost staff analysis to print only external jobs.
  • Job report profit & loss report by sales rep for a date range.
  • Job stock book report.
  • Job summary report with job figures for a date range including total for hours.
  • Print internal estimate details.
  • Print jobs summaries by stage with materials and quoted/contract pricing.
  • Report in jobs to print labour by cost centre for selected jobs.
  • Times by group by stage report.
  • Update retail sales report to exclude the invoice value column.