Custom Built Systems

Supplier: Gullco
04 March, 2008

The Caterpillar Stockton (UK) Ltd. Plant selected Gullco International (UK) Limited to supply weld automation equipment/ systems to improve quality and efficiency in a variety of M.I.G/ M.A.G. welding applications.

Gaffney Industrial and Welding Supplies Ltd. Was chosen to support the sale and later service the Gullco equipment.

Gullco Kat-Tracker seam trackers. ITW, Miller welding torches were selected for these demanding welding applications. Fume extraction equipment was supplied by Nederman.

These large 6 to 12 meter long “turnkey” units were assembled totally “in-house” at Gullco's Appley Bridge, UK facility from 60% standard Gullco products.

This enabled Gullco to meet critical delivery deadlines established to ensure Caterpillar production schedules were maintained. The machines are controlled by Mitsubishi PLC's programmed by Gullco (UK). .

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