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Custom made acoustic enclosures solve noisy pump challenge

Supplier: Flexshield
10 November, 2015

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is one of Australia's biggest workplace risks.

Hundreds of thousands of Australian's face the risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) every day.

The government has stipulated certain legislation regarding noise levels, however many companies
are unaware of these requirements and therefore place their staff at risk.

Science shows that any noise level above 85dB(A) can cause hearing loss. Even this maximum level
can only be safely endured for a maximum of eight hours.

Nearly every industrial-based company has noisy machinery. This means that, unless this issue is
properly treated, the staff members at nearly every company are likely to get some degree of NIHL.

NIHL is an incurable condition which adversely affects people's quality of life. Companies should not place their employees at risk of this lifelong impairment.

Flexshield offers a tailor-made solution:

Semco Maritime, a niche engineering company based in Western Australia, specialise in pumping stations on offshore projects and platforms.

One of Semco Maritime's clients ordered a foam fire suppression unit for an oil drilling platform off the coast of Papua New Guinea. On final inspection the client questioned the noise levels the pump produced and requested that a solution be provided before delivery.

Semco Maritime investigated a number of different options, including mounting the pump sets on anti-vibration mats, running them at different speeds and sourcing acoustic socks from the pump manufacturer. All options proved unsuccessful.

After having exhausted all their avenues, Semco Maritime contacted Flexshield to enquire what products were available to solve their challenge. Flexshield inspected the situation and tailor-designed and manufactured an Acoustic Enclosure to meet their exact requirements.

The enclosure was made of Acoustic Curtains, with a V50 Sonic System roof, rubber mounts and Sonic Sorber foam lining. Acoustic Curtains combine sound barrier and noise absorption properties into the one flexible soundproof curtain panel. Sonic System is a lightweight, fireproof panel available in a range of styles, thicknesses and acoustic performances. Sonic Sorber is a sound absorption form comprising of a unique acoustically tuned fireproof sound absorbing facing and environmentally friendly acoustic polyester-wool.

Flexshield's Acoustic Enclosures provide numerous benefits. They ensure that companies comply with government legislation and therefore avoid prosecution, they reduce the risk of employee harm or discomfort, they allow for a safe and pleasant work environment, and they generate increased efficiency and productivity.

Semco Maritime and their client were very pleased with the results after investing in one of Flexshield's Acoustic Enclosures. The noise levels were bought under control and the final reading was less than the government's legal limit of 85dB(A).

Flexshield's Acoustic Enclosures are all tailor-made to suit the customer's exact requirements. They are the ideal solution for any noisy machinery challenges.

NIHL cannot be reversed, but it can be prevented. Act today to avoid employee harm and government prosecution.